As Night Falls by Jenny Milchman (5 out of 5)


The author sent me a copy of this book in preparation for an event. Thank you, Jenny.
I like psychological thrillers. I’m not sure if this would be that or just one hell of a mystery, I’ll have to ask her what she considers it. I really did love it.

Sandy Tremont and her daughter Ivy are fighting; Sandy’s making dinner in preparation for her husband Ben’s arrival home. Ben is indeed on his way home from his job as a wilderness guide, but danger follows closely behind in Nick and Harlan, two escaped convicts who have escaped and are looking for a hideout. They find Sandy and Ben’s house (and an unlocked door. We’ve all done that! Won’t do that again anytime soon after reading this!) and before we know it, the family is locked into a terrifying, rollercoaster ride that no one should ever have to go through. You get to see all aspects of the story, from the way the author has crafted her characters and backstory so well. Even the criminals! Some of the backstory makes you wonder- are criminals born that way, or does behavior on the part of the parents influence what happens as they grow older? Not only that, but take a ride into Sandy’s psychological orb as her past and secrets- and possible connection to one of the convicts (no spoilers. Read the book!)- threaten to come out now, when their lives are all at stake. The book doesn’t give a moment’s rest to the reader. Once the convicts take up shelter in the Tremonts’ home, the action doesn’t let up. The thing I really enjoyed? I had no idea what was coming next. I’ve read so many books in the past two months that had gaping holes all over the narrative. I’ve also read many that I had guessed the entire outcome, way in advance of the end. This was NOT the case here, happily. There is one very sad scene in the book, that I’m sure will make your eyes water greatly- that’s your warning. There are twists, turns, chilling dialogue, and the snow-capped beauty of the Adirondacks to top off what is a hair-splitting read. For the record, not Jenny’s first book- she has two previous novels, Ruin Falls and Cover of Snow,, both of which have won awards. No doubt this will follow suit. If you like psychological suspense, this is a great read.

As Night Falls is currently out on Ballantine Books.


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