The Dark Net: Inside The Digital Underground (5 out of 5)


There’s another cover of this book with a black cover. I think that may have been more appropriate, befitting the subject matter. And another warning about this book- if you like to pretend that your Internet is a shiny, happy, place of innocence, well, don’t bother to pick this up. If you like to know what lies on the other side of that computer screen, well, then this book is for you. I read a book called Spam Nation that made me realize I really should educate myself better about the inner workings of the inner webs that I so idolize and frequent. After this book? Well, let’s just say I’ll be a lot more careful about what I look at, what information is online, and what may be lurking behind that computer screen. For it’s a terrifying little look at what goes on in the “digital underground”.

The dark net spoken of in the title is a digital underground that stretches from your “normal” social media like Facebook, Twitter, and even Amazon to the more secretive, ecrypted side of the net, where there are thousands of communities where freedoms are stretched to their creative limits, where you can be more free, but as with most things, there is a price. The price is that some of these subcultures are as dangerous as they are forbidden and exciting fruit: trolls, pornographers, drug dealers, hackers, extremists, militant regime groups, and hardcore criminals of every element. There really is a deep, dark seedy network hiding beneath your little happy Internet garden, and Bartlett does a stunning job of revealing these communities and educating anyone who cares to pick up the book and read it. Do yourself a favor; if you are truly concerned about what goes on behind closed screens, read this book. It will not be an easy read, it will not make you happy, but if anything, it will make you more aware and vigilante in regards to what’s really out there.


~ by generationgbooks on July 11, 2015.

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