Angry Optimist: The Life and Times of Jon Stewart by Lisa Rogak


This book fits many categories!
Anything Jon Stewart is going to get my attention. I’ve never read anything about him outside of articles in magazines, and whatever I found on the net that piqued my interest.
I love Jon Stewart. Many, many years have been spent watching and listening to his wit, his intelligence, and those gorgeous blue eyes. Oh, Sagittarians, you always get my goat.
He’s an incredibly smart man, and he’s been through his paces and come out with a gig that he’s had for many years, a gig that came fraught with all kinds of behind-the-scenes drama that was playing out as he was taking over. All of that is covered here, and quite a story in itself. (Craig Kilborn, I have no words). Reading about his ire with certain aspects of the world as it is, and as he has to report it, was also enlightening and interesting. The celeb encounters? Also good fun.
The man has hustled his way through many jobs, many careers ups and downs, to end up in the gold throne he’s been in on The Daily Show. Not to mention helping the careers of other talented souls, like Stephen Colbert.
It was also refreshing to get a look at Jon Stewart, the family man. Reading about his upbringing, his family, and his wife and kids was another side you long suspected, to have confirmed here in this book. Rogak does an admirable job here peeling some layers of the Jon Stewart onion (what a sexy onion!), but this felt like one of those “authorized biographies” that they used to print in the 80’s and 90’s, butchering trees for biographies on ding-dongs like Paris Hilton and Vanilla Ice. It’s always nice to read one on someone you greatly admire, like I do with Stewart. You just wish the author had dug just a little bit deeper than she did. It’s a nicely written book, but it doesn’t dig TOO deep, and that’s the part that I missed here. The fact that Stewart cooperated with the author was a nice touch, as well. The book is a quick read, but not a lot of depth here, so if you’re just looking for a nice biography, this is a good, safe choice


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