The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray: A Critical Appreciation of The World’s Finest Actor by Robert Schnakenberg (4 out of 5)


This is not going to be a long review. This isn’t a weighty tome on Bill Murray, but a nice, easy to read “dictionary” of him and his world.
I’m also not sure I would say the “World’s Finest Actor” unless the word COMEDY is in that sentence somewhere. I would also not use the words “A Critical Appreciation” because the book isn’t very critical, even in parts where it’s supposed to be. The author is a big fan, you can tell. And that’s both the beauty and the gray of it. It helps the book, but if you say it’s a “critical” appreciation, there should be some critiques in there, and there really aren’t many.
I LOVE Bill Murray, so I was pleased to see this.
Alphabetical dictionary of all things Murray. Movies, personal details, widely publicized, as well as some not so widely publicized stories, mentors, enemies, ex wives (they could be one and the same, from parts of the book. LOL). This covers it all.
The good, the bad, and the ugly. I love that Bill Murray stands by his idiosyncracies and never makes apologies for who he is and how he is. I love that he has a 800 number that you have to call to try to reach him. Really, not a lot to not love here. He is awesome.
This is an easily readable, fun book. It helped me get through a really crappy week, by making me laugh, shake my head, and wonder.
Are you any closer to figuring out who Bill Murray is? No.
And that’s the beauty of it.


~ by generationgbooks on July 24, 2015.

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