Ghostman (Jack White #1) by Roger Hobbs (3 out of 5)


I saw Roger Hobbs’ new book before I saw this one. That book? Unbelievable sales and press in the first few weeks it was out. We’ve had to reorder it a few times. This one? I had high hopes for, since it’s the first book where Jack White appears. (Of course, it didn’t help that I kept picturing the lead singer of The White Stripes while I was reading it). The reviews for this book were highly favorable, so I went with it. It’s a fast moving book and easy to finish in a couple of hours- if so inclined. I kept putting it down, picking it up, reading a few chapters, and putting it back down. While well written and fast paced, it just didn’t completely have my attention, and that was part of the reason I could only give it three stars. By the end of this? Well, I can’t wait to read his new one. It was one of those books that I couldn’t put down the last 75 pages, and that’s what saved it for me.

Two robbers try to net millions of dollars from an Atlantic City casino. Something goes horribly, horribly awry, and only one makes it out alive. That living robber is on the run, he’s got the money packed into a suitcase, and he’s panicked and on the run. What else could possibly go wrong? How about the suitcase full of money being rigged full of explosives and the robber isn’t aware? Yeah, there’s that. Contacted by the head of the operation, whom he is five years overdue on a favor to, Jack (aka The Ghostman), the fixer extraordinaire, finds himself in hot pursuit across the country, trying to get to the suitcase and the robber before its too late. Add to it the problem of only having 48 hours to get that money and clean up the mess that’s resulted from this going haywire. Can it be done without losing the money? Blowing up the lone wolf robber? Blowing up Jack? Because if it does indeed go to hell in a handbasket, Jack’s days are numbered. Like I said, friends, those last 75 pages are the reason I gave this one 3 stars.

My problems with this are pretty much noted in the beginning paragraph of the review. I really, really like Jack’s character, which is why I will give the new book a chance as soon as possible. There were all sorts of loose ends for his character to tie up, and I felt like that took away from immediate action that could have been taking place in the novel. Also, as I said, somewhat disjointed plots coinciding where there should have been action packed suspense, given the lack of time that Jack has to get this mess fixed up, really made no sense to me. There should have been more bang for the 1.2 million bucks that’s tied up in a bomb-filled suitcase. And less of trying to fix little plot points that could have been ‘fixed’ by the author. I just didn’t think it was as suspenseful as I had hoped. However, I really enjoyed the character and I will be returning to the next book to see what he gets himself into.


~ by generationgbooks on July 28, 2015.

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