Holy Cow by David Duchovny (4 out of 5)


How do I love David Duchovny? Let me count the ways. No, never mind. We’ll be here another decade. In that time, the man will probably have discovered another galaxy and had a planet named after him. This year alone? He’s got a new TV show Aquarius, he’s recorded an album, he’s currently filming the X-Files reboot (Jan 24, 2016, if you’re wondering), and he managed to write and go on a book tour for this very tour. This book came out months ago, but it’s buried in a pile of what I call “Real Feel Good Reads”. I’ve explained recently about piles of books throughout the house and their purpose- the next blog, I’ll explain why I always have 2 or 3 books in my purse AND book bag at one time. The “Real Feel Good Reads” are a pile in my bedroom that are for those days when I’m very down. Usually, that’s after my dad has an appointment at the VA hospital. Sometimes, reality just blows, and those books are for those days- for I believe they will bring my mood up simply by my opening them up and giving them a chance. This book- Holy Cow– has been in that pile since it came out and I bought it. What else is in the “Real Feel Good Reads?” pile..hmmm..dare I tell? It’s likely going to be discussed in a blog post coming soon…. Last week, well, not a good week, so I finally hauled the book out and gave it a shot. It’s not a 5 star, only because it’s so whimsical and feel good, that you almost aren’t sure whether to take it seriously or to wonder if Duchovny started out writing a children’s book and switching it to fiction instead. Apparently, it was supposed to be a movie or television project, but Duchovny’s people talked him into writing it out as a story instead. I would like to thank them, because it’s a slim volume, and an endearing, fun read. If you’re a fan, you’ve heard the man talk in interviews; he’s highly intelligent but he also has a dry sense of humor and a tongue-in-cheek delivery (much of it made it’s way into his portrayal of Mulder on the X-Files. Again, I digress). All of this? Is obvious in the writing of the book. I swear, as I read it, I could hear that voice in my head reading it as Elsie (which is weird, given Elsie is a female cow, and David Duchovny, nothing like it). It’s a lot of fun, this little book. And remember, it’s not a book designed to change the world, but it may, just may, change your thoughts on several other matters of importance in the world we live in.

Elsie Bovary is a cow who spends her days eating, sleeping, and chewing the cud (I’m sorry, I had to!) with her best cow friend, Mallory. But a bored cow leads to curiosities that lead Elsie and Mallory to sneak out of the gate and their pasture one night. While Mallory is mooning over Steve, a neighbor bull (yes, you read that right!), Elsie draws over to the nearby farmhouse. She goes in, and what she sees inside- the farmer and his family crowded around a “Box God” (television), and what she hears and sees about an “industrial meat farm”, change her viewpoint of a world that she previously viewed as ideal. The only solution Elsie can come up with is to escape to a “safer” world…Elsie gets together with a few other memorable animals to head off to a different world (minus the Lisa Bonet); there’s also Shalom, a Torah reading pig who recently converted to Judaism, and Tom, a jive turkey who doesn’t fly, but somehow manages to work and I-Phone with his beak. Yes, you read that right. (PS- There are many little digs at modern technology and people’s obsessions with social media and instruments of social media, things that Duchovny has also alluded to in interviews). How did these animals get away with this, being, well, animals? They have fake passports and human disguises. Animals dressing as humans. Absorb that, friends. Do this trio live happily ever after? Can life on the farm also somehow manage to unite Palestinians and Israelis? In a world of David Duchovny’s dream state, the impossible becomes wholly possible. In your hands, the reader’s, you can jump out of modern day life into a world of whimsy, aligned with the rights and wrongs of society, social media etiquette, and how modern technology and greed is slowly killing human beings decency. Duchovny obviously feels strongly about these injustices, because he finds a sly, fun way to bring those messages to the world, in written form. This is a highly endearing book, and a lot of fun to read. You will find yourself chuckling quite a bit, and despite the harder truths that are contained within, where there’s a will to have a happy ending, there’s a way. Elsie and her misbegotten motley animal crew make you believe that.

~ by generationgbooks on July 30, 2015.

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