My Fight/Your Fight by Ronda Rousey (5 out of 5)


I had no idea who Ronda Rousey was at the beginning of the year. My friend and former coworker Dave ordered the book and bought it; and I still had no idea. Tons of customers requesting and buying it. No idea. No inclination to read up. And then, by pure accident a month ago, I was at my friend’s house and they were watching old footage of one of her fights. I was hooked. Not even sure why; just the feisty factor involved. It took three weeks to get them to cough up their copy of the book so I can read it; but I finished it in 2 days. I should have listened to Dave months ago (I will never hear the end of it now). I’m someone who loves sports and loves to read about athletes overcoming impossible obstacles; I’m really pissed at myself that I didn’t read this earlier or watch her UFC fights earlier. She kicks ass, takes no prisoners, and she’s got this aura about her. Unbelievable and enough to make me want to watch UFC more. In fact, just Saturday night, I watched her beat Bethe Correia in 34 seconds. 34 seconds. Take a minute (or better yet, 34 seconds) and process that. I went onto Facebook shortly after that and was amazed at the number of my female friends who also had no idea whom Rousey was before Saturday night’s fight (!ll my guy friends? Panting and talking about how hot she is; they know her!). I had just finished the book Friday night, so this was exciting. I recommended it to a couple of people; hopefully they pick it up and read it.

I had no idea she was an Olympic medalist in judo. Or a rising Hollywood star. Or that she grew up in a family of flawed individuals. No prisoners are taken in her memoir, either. She portrays everyone straight up, normal or fucked up. Tell it like it is. You have to admire that (I do, at least). Losing her father at a young age, how she got caught up in judo and the intensity of the battles involved with learning judo, her (mis)adventures with her love life, her secret to remaining undefeated in the UFC, and so many other moments that she gives her 1000% input on. She doesn’t shy away from anything, and gives tips and motivation on how to get the best you can out of the life you are leading. Motivational speaker? In a way that is far from the norm? Absolutely. Refreshing? As a chain fight in a boneyard over cassette copies of Kansas’ Greatest Hits. Pick it up, saturate yourself in her story, and get as many people as fucking possible to read it.


~ by generationgbooks on August 4, 2015.

2 Responses to “My Fight/Your Fight by Ronda Rousey (5 out of 5)”

  1. Great Review G!!!! Takes a book that I would never read and makes me want to read it!!!

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