Exposure: A Sociologist Explores Sex, Society, & Adult Entertainment by Chauntelle Tibbals (3 out of 5)


This is a quick read as well.
Pretty fascinating. The author does a great job of mapping out the ins and outs(no innuendo intended. Tibbals does enough of those throughout the book, that I need not apply) of everything and everyone related to the adult entertainment industry.
I did win this from somewhere- I normally have to disclose that in a review. The only problem is that I don’t know from where I won this book. It came with a strange, cryptic phallic shaped letter congratulating me on winning it.
Too bad the phallus didn’t accompany the letter!
Tibbals spends a lot of time talking about how her educational funding didn’t go through because of the nature of what she chose to study. It’s a myopic little world we live in, friends, and this is a prime example. She talks a lot about the discrimination faced in the educational community, and then she gets into the “nitty gritty”.
Here’s the thing- it’s not as bad as the normal person would think upon hearing the words “porn star”, “adult entertainment”, “dildo”, or “anal sex”. She takes a very succinct and balanced perspective on what goes on behind the scenes and with those starring, and yes, even those watching. There’s no shortage of treatise on her thoughts on those who are too close-minded to
enjoy what many people enjoy. Come on, everyone has had some sort of interaction with porn; whether it’s watching it, discussing it, reading books by porn stars, or even judging it. It’s a shame that those who judge it as shameful outweigh those who just accept it as it is- an industry that makes millions a year, and yes, as silly as it sounds, gives relief to those who do enjoy it. To pretend that it doesn’t exist? Just another example of what’s wrong with society today.
So for those people who choose to deign themselves as “pure” and not engage in any format relating to the adult entertainment industry, well, you have your Bibles and Jesus to keep your staid selves warm. The rest of us- will have a go!
I also enjoyed all the wording that Tibbals put together. A lot of it was tongue-in-cheek and innuendo-filled. Not sure whether that was her intention, but I think it likely was. Someone like me who turns a simple conversation about pasta into something dirty, appreciates the irony.
Overall, a nicely put together look at sex, society, and the adult entertainment industry. Too short for my liking. I feel like this is a subject matter that could have easily encompassed a whole book, not just a small brochure. This is such a lightweight, dinky book. I feel like she just scratched the surface with the subject matter. However, once you’re in(to the book, that is), you’re in like Flynn.


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