Flirting With French by William Alexander (5 out of 5)


Let me be honest. I make fun of the French. A lot. But I love their history. I also love their country. I wouldn’t mind trying their food. But I have never had any inclination toward learning French. But this book wildly appealed to me. The cover, the premise, the font. The sexy, sexy font. Laugh it up, friends. Unless you’re a writer or a reader, you could care less. It’s alright. There’s enough of us fonters (?) to make up for the rest of you. Anyway, I have a lovely friend at Algonquin Books. Her name is Lauren, and she’s dyno-mite in sending me some great ARC’s. This one was sent to me some time ago, but I have plowed through entire shelves in the hulking bookcase in my bedroom, and I found it. And read it. In about two hours. It’s under 300 pages and it’s FUN. And that sexy, sexy font makes it easier to plow through it. Thank you, Lauren of Algonquin, you rule! And this book is out NOW, so go grab a copy from your local bookstore.

William Alexander didn’t have the problem I do.. he WANTED (WANTS) to be French. But you can’t be French if you don’t speak the native tongue. Simple (or not) solution: learn the language. To begin this merry adventure, he travels to France, where his mispronunciations lead to all sorts of fun (for us, not for him!) mayhem, namely in directions while traveling by bike in a country he’s not sure of in the first place. Throw in a class to learn the language in Provence where he begins to regret his mission (that part of the book? One of my favorites). He takes a break from the course, but still ponders the mysteries of France aloud, whether the struggle to keep the language pure really does require all that time, and why he’s having such a hard time learning this language when children are able to do so in a seemingly effortless way. By the end of his adventure, he comes to realize that his exploration of this country and the byways and highways of the language itself, have led him to many realizations that can’t be argued with, nor argued against. He’s changed for the better in so many ways, but has he conquered the language? The country? Or has it conquered him? You have to read to find out.

William’s book is so funny I couldn’t stop laughing. And again, it’s not a very big book, so if you’re laughing through a good portion of it, you have a WINNER. I almost typed WIENER by accident. Maybe I’m messing up my first language? Post-hypnotic immersion course in English? Major fail. But if that means the book influenced me, well, it’s a win. It could influence you as well. It’s as much a treatise on the human heart and what it really wants, as well as a love of France and all of its entities. So go grab a copy and get ready to laugh!

~ by generationgbooks on September 28, 2015.

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