The November Criminals by Sam Munson (2 out of 5)


I read about this on I always research the new paperback releases, so that I can refesh my beloved quality paperback table up front. Make fun all you like, coworkers, but I don’t of you merchandising the table I’m contemplating (that whole lyric is a takeoff of Murray Head’s “One Night In Bangkok”. And it’s weak. Apologies to all parties wounded). It sounded like the type of book that I would enjoy. And I did enjoy it, but it started to drive me loco halfway through! It is a well written, highly intelligent bookm as far as from the point of the narrator. The interesting part about this book is that it was originally published in 2010. Now it’s going to be adapted into a movie. Considering that a good portion of the book questions racially motivated crime, it’s a book that stands up perfectly well with the alarming news stories of today’s world. The characters are complex and deep, and you’re treated to a lead character like Addison, who speaks articulately while discussing his thoughts on his “occupation”, which is selling weed to rich kids. He rambles on about his relationship with his friend Digger, who is NOT his girlfriend (we call it “friends with benefits” in today’s world). He’s strangely fascinated with the murder of his high school acquaintance, Kevin Broadus, who is murdered, along with two other black people, in a robbery gone awry. The amount of time that Addison spends on that murder is more toward the second half of the book. Still, more important is the feelings jutting forth from Addison toward Digger. At least, that’s how it seems to the reader. This book starts out so promising and grasps your attention, but when a whole lot of nothing happens, why are you spending time to keep on? I say that a lot about my love life, but really, in books, it’s a shame. Addison is an incredibly intelligent young man; the book has some seriously well thought out observations from his end, but in the end, if you aren’t going to go forth, why make the journey? The book itself is kind of like that. I wonder who optioned this book and who will star in it. I also wonder if it will be one of those rare exceptions when you would have rather seen the movie than read the book. It may well be.


~ by generationgbooks on November 1, 2015.

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