Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham (4 out of 5)


Holy hell, I had a LOT of fun reading this one! I didn’t give it five stars, only because I really save that for exceptional. And this, while very very good, was not exceptional. I’ve had a hard time with Grisham since The Rainmaker. That is my favorite. I did like one of the baseball ones, and I didn’t dislike his last one that much, but there was a noticeable spark missing. Tepid is how I would describe his past two or three titles. This? Was a refreshing breath of fresh air. It does the reader’s heart good to know that there is still some new vim and vigor in the Grisham well. (Geez, that sentence does sound a bit odd, but you get the gist).

Sebastian Rudd is there; on your side, ready to defend you. The only thing is that he’s not your ‘atypical’ lawyer. His office is in a bulletproof van. That van has a bar, a small fridge, leather chairs like a normal law office, a well concealed gun cabal, and a driver armed to the teeth with ammo. Sebastian defends those that normal lawyers probably wouldn’t get near: drug addicts, cage fighters, mob leaders accused of murdering judges..just to give you an idea. He’s operating out of the van after his last office was bombed. The cops despise him, the criminals do as well, only because their asses are going to get caught if he’s anywhere near the case. This book gives us a healthy smattering of some of those individuals that Sebastian defends. These people tie into Sebastian’s own sad history- the disintegration of his marriage and any viable relationship with his 7-year old son chief among those reveals. His way of operating, not only in his personal life but in his dealings with those he defends as well as the courtroom, are where he’s set apart from previous Grisham characters. He’s human, gritty, tough, and doesn’t really give a shit what it takes to get a fair conclusion for his clients. How do you NOT like a guy like that? Sebastian is my new favorite character, hands down. I hope we see him again in Grisham’s travels. I think we could all use a little Sebastian Rudd in our lives.


~ by generationgbooks on November 3, 2015.

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