Harmony House by Nic Sheff (4 out of 5)


Don’t run looking for this one just yet, kids. It’s out on March 22, 2016 from our friends at Harper Teen. Once again, pretty sure this one came courtesy of Ms. Jenny over at Harper (Thanks, Jenny!). As I usually do, I hopped over to Goodreads and checked out to see what those who had advances thought of this book. I was more than a little surprised to see a number of two star reviews and not a whole lot of good vibes from those who did read it. I have to heartily disagree on this! As I usually admit, I’m a sucker for a good cover. This has a great cover! Spooky all over the place. The book was a quick read and eerie as hell. The only problem- repeat, the ONLY problem- was that I predicted the end in this one also. And sadly, I was right. No matter how many books I read, when I’m actually right about something at the end of a book, it takes something away from my joy of reading the book. And that was the case here. I also don’t see what some of the people over at Goodreads were bitching about- I thought the character development was good and I understand many who are complaining about a cliché effect- I can get that, but I thought the way that Sheff carried out the plot of this book, was pretty good. Not sure what other people were expecting, but I really enjoyed this book. I can’t wait to try to sell it when it comes out in March, 2016.

Jen Noonan’s alcoholic mom dies; her father loses his noodle and decides it’s time to move to Harmony House. A change of scenery can only be good for those who are going through the stages of grief. Right? Uh…sure! This joint is right up there in the creepy rafter, with Amityville. The atmospheric moodiness is perfectly done by Sheff. Like you would expect, Harmony House has its own history- and it’s not a good one. Jen figures out and discovers more secrets, and strange ass things start happening the more she finds out. Jen has visions, and her father’s tenuous hold on sanity and reality begins to go completely. Can she figure out a way to save her father and herself, or will the forces in the house combine and drive her and her father into a darker place altogether?

Some parts of this, it can be argued, are a cliché. The spooky vibe surrounding the house. The secrets surrounding that spooky house. I didn’t see Jen having all of the powers that she ended up finding that she possessed, and those powers didn’t just come in handy in her fight to save her and her father’s lives, but it also added a necessary dimension to the book. Again, close your eyes to the slight cliché factor and dive into this book. It’s totally worth it. It has an eerie quality hovering in the background as the reader gets further into the maze of Harmony House. If you like some light terror, or the teens dig into the lighter side of horror, this is a good fit. It didn’t scare the everloving crap out of me, but it did keep me captivated until the end of the book. I enjoyed it greatly.


~ by generationgbooks on November 8, 2015.

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