Doctor Who: The Dalek Generation by Nicholas Briggs (3 out of 5)

I'm still reading through all the Doctor Who novels. I know, I'll be 
reading them the rest of my life. There are too many! I've read a few
of Nicholas Briggs' novels, and always enjoy them. I'm not really sure
why this one didn't stick as well. Those dastardly Daleks have fooled the
masses into thinking that they're a godsend, not the devious little 
bastards that they truly are. Sunlight 349 is a Dalek Foundation world
and where this novel is set. The good Doctor arrives and tries to 
enlighten those that the Daleks are evil, and gets tossed in the pokey
as a result. He ends up in court, fighting his case against a "Dalek
Litigator" and arguing for something resembling custody of three kids
who were left wards of a Dalek state when their parents walked off 
their ship, committing suicide, rather than telling the formula to the
evil Daleks. Are you confused yet? Turns out that the majority of this 
one is that way. I definitely didn't dig those one as I hoped, although
it was funny to see the good Doctor dealing with THREE kids throughout
much of the novel. On another Foundation planet, archaeologists uncover
some scary shit going down. Of course, directly connected to those 
bastard Daleks, and to what's going on over at Sunlight 349. Can the
Doctor convince the reluctant people that the Daleks are up to no good
again? Can he find the kids a happy ending, despite their parents deaths?
Can the good Doctor find his Tardis and get the hell out of there, and save
the day? Or is it going to backfire on him in spectacular fashion? 

I will say this- not among my favorites. This book was a little garbled
and just didn't click in many parts. There should have been more of a
bond between the Doctor and his ward, but it's largely absent here. In the 
end, not a bad novel, but definitely needed some serious work on 
the cementing of some key details. 

~ by generationgbooks on November 19, 2015.

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