Dreamology by Lucy Keating (2 out of 5)


I should have known by the cover that I was in trouble. Again, that old adage about not judging a book by its cover. This one just had “fluff” written all over it. This was an advance provided to H by her Harper rep, Jenny. Jenny has great taste in books, but once every hundred she recommends, there’s one that I cannot grasp the wonder of. This is one of those rare times. This book, to be summed up, is all about the “perfect romance”- so it’s hearts, flowers, and unicorns, and not enough stabbing. Yes, you read that right. Stabbing. There has to be some edge (no puns intended) to every story, or is it realistic? There are moments in this book, but it’s unusually sappy and thus makes me queasy. Just not my idea of romance. That can usually be found in Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles (for any of those suitors out there who give a fuck what I read!).

Alice has a vivid imagination. She’s been dreaming of Max for years- in DREAMS. Yes, dreams. It’s been paradise city. Her first day of school? There he is! The real life version of the boy she’s been dreaming about forever. But he isn’t the Prince she had learned in dreams, and reality is more of a bitch than she had hoped for. It’s not glitter and secret notes passed in class, it’s rancid gluesticks and half-eaten erasers.  I like this new Max, the one who shows up in reality. I wish he had grown bat wings and clucked like a chicken. It would have made it so much better. Alas, our girl Alice continues to yearn in silence. Then things get weird. Real weird. The dreams they are having begin to intertwine with what’s going on in real life. So what happens? Do they follow what happens in their dreams? Where do the paths of reality and dream state collide? How does this happen? I honestly thought there would be a better explanation to answer that last question, but sadly, not quite. In fact, I was even more confused and weirded out. If you don’t know me personally, it’s hard to weird me out. I’m that odd duck in the line at K-mart screaming for blue light bulbs at a place where they frequently hold blue light specials. This book? Was too out there for me. Being in love in your dreams- it’s your dream, man. Very seldom do those subconscious states turn into something real. This book brings you to a point where you think that it’s possible, then you think “Really, do I care?”. My answer, sadly, was no. There was just enough fluff to Alice to make me sign out on her early in the book. Max- I like the Reality version of him- until he starts getting soft. And I’m not a fan of marshmallows, not in life (no Peeps here!), nor in literature. I’ll pass this one onto the recycle pile. It’s out from Harper Teen on April 12, 2016.

~ by generationgbooks on December 31, 2015.

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