Summer of Supernovas by Darcy Woods (5 out of 5)


I have a confession. I love astrology. There, I said it. As long as we don’t discuss Scorpios or Libras as potential life partners, we’re alright. Remember that, kids, down the road. Charisma traps located next to each other on the astrology train. Easily derailed. That’s as far as I’m going with that part of the review!

This was a fun, fun book. Don’t jump yet- it’s not out until May, 2016.
In the meantime, you have tons of other YA to read. Get to it. But put down this one for May. Especially if you like fun.
Wil is a young lady whose main mission is to find her soulmate. Armed with her astrological chart that her deceased mother did and told her to follow by the law of the land, Wil heads out to meet her ideal match -a Pisces- before her ideal planetary alignment expires-  weeks at the start of the book. She meets Seth, a guy she believes to be a Sagittarius, and fancies he may be her mate (despite that sign thing. Sometimes a girl just can’t help it). They tussle, they kiss, they joke back and forth, and she’s having a nice time. Nice time does NOT equal sparks, chemistry, the important things, my friends. When Seth’s brother Grant (a Pisces- the sign her mother told her to avoid like the plague) enters the picture and Wil dances with him at a concert they’re doing (they’re in a band), those sparks ignite in a big way. Wil continues to deny her feelings to him, although her Russian friend Irina correctly guesses the predicament. Wil’s grandmother, who she lives with and is her only living relative, obviously likes Grant more, especially after he helps save their ass at the last minute by helping out in a time-sensitive situation. Wil continues to fight her feelings, even after it’s obvious that Grant ALSO shares those feelings with her. Things come to a head when Wil goes to meet the family, and the boys get into a fight over her in front of the family. Wil tells both of them to stuff it (although it’s killing her), and she goes home to her Gram, who has found out from going through her stuff that Wil did not have a girl’s night out, but instead went out somewhere else and broke her trust. Wil’s grounded, and sets off to clean out the attic as part of her punishment, and she finds letters that her “long dead, absent” father has been writing to her, that her grandmother has hid all these years. Wil flips a shit and confronts her grandmother in a rage. Moments later, she returns to find her grandmother has collapsed on the floor and they rush her to the hospital. Irina comes to support her friend, and calls Grant shortly after that to come sit with Wil. He takes her home after they stabilize her grandmother and they discuss their attraction. She can’t do it, and she leaves him with a note apologizing to him and leaves to go back to her grandmother, who needs her. Does she end up with Seth? With Grant? With either? Does her grandmother recover? Where’s her dad and why did her grandmother lie all those years? When do you put away the astrology chart and listen to your heart? Could her mother and the planets have been wrong all these years?

I’ll tell you why I loved this book so much. I love astrology, but I love a young adult book more where there is no clichéd concept. Many make fun of it, but many believe in it, including our lead character in this story. I also don’t like mushy romance stories, and YA, unfortunately, is full of them. I know, I’ve had the misfortune of picking them out and thinking they were going to rule with swords, flying fire, and the like, and instead it’s hearts, flowers, and unicorns pissing in daisy gardens. No, thank you. This one has the right amount of romance, and none of it is silly. You feel like all the characters are genuinely invested in trying to make a relationship with Wil work. I am biased because the character of Grant immediately was a favorite, and Seth annoyed me because he seems self-absorbed, but in their individual ways, each fell for Wil, and it hurt for all of them when the triangle sorts itself out. That’s life, especially when more than one person is involved and feelings are involved. I didn’t set out to write a self-help manual here, but I loved how Woods wrote this with a keen eye toward reality. And Wil’s not a stupid horny teen, either- she’s trying to rule the love roost with her HEAD, and then the damn heart intervenes, but again- she tries so hard to do the right thing. When she can’t figure out what that is without hurting more of the brothers, she exits as gracefully as she can. And suffers in silence. Give this girl a medal, she is one of my favorite YA characters in a long while. And there’s also a lot of fun and humor in this book. Not to mention some really great quotes. And a whole lot of good vibes. Go out and read this sucker when it’s released in May.


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