Departure by A.G. Riddle (4 out of 5)


I had no idea what the fuck to read. I had read a number of books in a row, and none of them were great. I was wandering through the store and just idly picking up Random titles. This one was in science fiction and sounded promising- mostly because I knew absolutely nothing of it! I like the cover, too… a plane ripped in half and I’m not on it? Count me in! This little novel has had the film rights optioned. Since I enjoyed the book, I can only hope that Hollyweird won’t ruin it. Let us pray. A.G. Riddle had a trilogy before this called The Atlantis Trilogy..sounds like something my coworker Holly would dig. I’m not so much into Atlantis, although it gets a mention here. (more than, but that’s giving the plot away and I’m not that person). So anyway, a lot of science fiction is “hard” to read and get into. Not this one. The characters get into your psyche quickly= the book is narrated by Nick and Harper, two of the passengers.

I told my coworker Andrew that it reminded me a little of “LOST” when I read the synopsis. If you haven’t watched “LOST”, well, shame on you. Do so. Immediately. As I was saying, there are a good number of open-ended questions in this book. For example, this huge airliner crashes and NO ONE is sending a rescue party? Also, two of the survivors – Yul and Sabrina- are acting very suspicious. No one has cell reception, but Yul keeps on trying to log onto his computer. Sabrina is a medical doctor of some unnamed degree and mysterious lineage that is thrust into the role of medical doctor, minus the pleasant bedside manner. Nick Stone is our nice guy, take charge reluctantly, hero, who happens to be nursing a crush at the worst time on fellow passenger Harper, an indecisive author who has no idea what way is up and what way is down. Add to this mix of survivors a rich, snobby alcoholic named Grayson, who’s determined to take charge of this situation in the worst way- take what he can, drink what he can, and the hell with everyone else’s chances. Seems this plane left in 2014 and ends up in a whole new time dimension. There isn’t much more I can say about this book without giving it away, but it could have been a bitch to read, and instead it was a pleasure to do so! I knew that Nick and Harper were going to be digging on one another, because it’s pretty obvious. It’s also obvious that Yul and Sabrina know more than they’re letting on, including the mystery of several survivors seemingly aging overnight and then dying. What is it going to take to get these people rescued? Throw in a seemingly new Stonehenge and future day London being overrun by weeds and completely gutted, and you have a lot of questions lurking. Here’s the thing about this book- it’s told mostly from the viewpoints of Nick and Harper, and it’s a fun book. It could have been bogged down by mechanical mumbo jumbo explanation, but instead, it turns into quite an interesting walk through quantum leap. Go all Scott Bakula on us, again, A.G. Riddle. I loved it. The ending wasn’t contrived, either. A heck of a lot of fun to read. Pick up a copy.


~ by generationgbooks on February 17, 2016.

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