Sweet Dreams Are Made of This by Dave Stewart (4 out of 5)


With a cover like that, it’s going to be noticed. It should be noticed anyway. It’s Dave Stewart: co-founder and member of The Eurythmics, solo artist, producer, documentarian, and photographer. Not to mention husband, father, and humanitarian. That’s a lot of hats to wear. Dave, thankfully, has an affinity for hats. Also, leather coats with pearls, jeans full of pockmarks, and a lifelong love of Delta Blues. All of this and more is packed into his new autobiography. There isn’t any stone left unturned here, folks, and there are a lot of rocks along the otherwise rose garden that is his life. It’s definitely my first favorite rock biography this year. Of course, I have five on my living room table that I’m halfway through (finishing the Billy Joel is next, so I can send it to Donna). I got through this in about two hours. It’s a lot of fun, a lot of knowledge of keyboard sequences, guitar chords, and a lot of hard times as well. You take the good with the bad, and make the best of it. Dave Stewart has managed to do that and more.

A guy who’s been married three times by the age of 50 is going to get some grief. A guy who’s banned from many English pubs because of causing havoc while high on magic mushrooms is going to get some grief. A guy who managed to not beat the hell out of Jose Melendez (famous father who was later murdered by his sons) when he took over RCA’s ownership and told the Eurythmics that he was going to market their CD through BURGER KING, with the kid’s happy meal and plastic Annie and Dave figures to match. A guy who has no problem admitting he’s had a number of flings and is love with the idea of love. A guy who admits to years of overindulgence, but manages to make it okay with the reader. A guy who’s been in more car accidents than any one human should be in during their lifetime, much less 50 years. A guy who could have died multiple times over recent years from health issues, but he’s still with us. Overall, there isn’t a part of this book where you’re bored. I love that. The only thing I felt that he lingered on for a long time was the fact that he and Annie Lennox never made it as a couple. They were together as a couple for five years from 1975-1980, but after that, the romantic side of the relationship ended. But the musical partnership has never suffered! He takes full blame for the split, and he does quite a bit of ruminating about it through the first part of the book. And on and on. I think there was a bit more of that than the reader might care for, or it might just be my cynical nature poking through. The fact that they are still friends, have done albums and tours after the breakup, and still think of each other as best friends is refreshing. When discussing the making of the albums after the split, there are many sidebars about where it went wrong and how hard it as for him and her to get past that and record. But it was done. It’s possible to have that soulmate and not end up with them. That’s your lesson, courtesy of Dave Stewart. There’s a lot of information regarding what drove some of their more memorable songs and albums to be brought to fruition, and that’s informative and you learn a shit ton about the process behind the soundboard. There are a ton of great music stories in here, and you’ll love them all. The book is out now and available at your nearest bookstore. Go read it!


~ by generationgbooks on February 22, 2016.

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