The Can’t-idates by Craig Tomashoff (5 out of 5)


It’s so funny how you stumble upon books these days. Ones that fly under the radar, that is. I’m a HUGE fan of the X-Files and David Duchovny, and I follow him on Twitter. He isn’t on there often, but when you notice he starts quoting lines from a book that seem to be pertinent to the dog and pony sideshow (or the GOP. Take your pick) we call the election process, you sit up and pay attention. Or in this case, I sit up and pay attention. (I’m a sloucher by nature, so something REALLY has to get my attention). Upon further research, I Googled the book and author, Mr. Craig Tomashoff. Then I got in contact via Twitter, first by following and then inquiring how to get ahold of the book. I was able to get ahold of a copy and didn’t get to reading it as quick as I’d like, but the more caucuses that happened and the more ridiculous Trump got, I put aside the other crap I’m obliged to read and started this book. I also started it on a crazy, busy week, but it kept me hooked and gave me some faith in my fellow human beings. The people who are running for office currently? The highest office in the land? I am ye of little faith, sadly. This book came along at a perfect time.

Well over a year before the current election, more than a thousand people had filed their papers to run for the highest office in our fair land of America. You think the GOP field was crowded? Please, bitch! Think of that number of people filing, and what it’s whittled down to. Who are these everyday Joe’s (not Biden) who filed? Craig drove thousands of miles over a three week period to meet some of them (and to prove to his boy that there is still an American dream that’s alive and well). This book is entertaining and poignant. Craig ties some of his own personal experiences in with the stories of this can’t-idates. They are a true group. True people, with very real lives and experiences that not only would qualify them in some instances, but would also disqualify them in other instances (but are wildly hilarious). There are so many moments of humor and poignancy while he drives from one can’t-diate to another, you can’t help but keep reading and wondering why some of these wonderful people aren’t in the highest office in our land, instead of some of the mimbos and dumbos who have graced the office. That’s the beauty of the book. While we’re subjected to debates where the size of the maybe nominees discussing who has the bigger donut hole, we could be reading about someone who really gives a rat’s ass about this. I’m not going to lie to you, readers. There are some moments where you have to wonder why some of the cant-idates are even considering it. But in a time and age when Donald Trump is turning a high office into something out of a reality circus sideshow tent, why shouldn’t one of these fine persons try? I can guarantee any and all of the people Craig profiles would have no funny business on email servers, nor would there be eating of boogers on national TV. I mean, come on!  Craig gives each and every cant-idate due process. It’s a fun, enlightening read. There is a lot of heart here, kids. So order yourself a copy and get it into the hands of anyone and everyone who gives a shit about this country and the process involving in the presidential process.



~ by generationgbooks on March 6, 2016.

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