Because of Miss Bridgerton by Julia Quinn (4 out of 5)


Once upon a time, this cynic used to read Victorian romances like they were going out of style (or worse yet, out of print!). These were not the “lean years”, these were the “bored years”, otherwise known as 2009-2010. The last full year in my former bookstore job and a regular customer of mine was raving to me about how they took her mind off of things. So I gave a few a try- and got hooked. Jennie, my friend, got me hooked on Julia Quinn. She is solely to blame for that one. I think I got to thinking about romance novels because I was straightening at the store Saturday morning (certain employees do not know how to do it effectively) and I noticed our small romance section was desecrated. So I had to sit there and think of some romance authors to order into the store to fill the depleted stock. I then realized that I had a new Julia Quinn that Jenny, Holly’s Harper rep, had been kind enough to send me. The end of this week sucked balls, so I did the unthinkable- I sat down for a few hours Sat night-Sun morning when my dad was up puking his guts out- and read this sucker. It was, as it used to be, a perfect antidote for forgetting the puddle of suck that you may be in. Julia Quinn’s characters are so well written that not only do you feel like you know them, but you are bereft when they’re taken from you at the end of the book. That’s what you call a successful formula.

This is the first in her new series- the Rokesby’s. Billie Bridgerton is the heroine here- destined, it seems, to be a tomboy forever .Also destined, it seems, to be wed to one of the Rokesby brothers- she pals around with Andrew and Edward her entire childhood. The only brother who didn’t go off to fight for the British military-George- is also the brother that she can’t seem to get along with, to save her life. Things work out in the funniest of ways, though, as Billie finds herself around George more and more, especially after he comes to her rescue and tries to bring her down from a tree after she’s broken her ankle. More and more, Billie and George match wits and find themselves down that rabbit hole of attraction. Then comes word that Edward, the Rokesby brother off fighting for the British intelligence, has disappeared. The family is devastated- and quickly Billie’s family decides it’s time to get her to London and married. George is torn and horrified by this, and by his burgeoning feelings for the mischievous tomgirl. Do these two get their act together and seal the deal, or does this dance go on and on? I was sad to see it end, but I also hoped for more background on the mysterious George….it was a super quick read, as far as Julia Quinn goes, and it felt like some background was eliminated from the characters, which is not at all common with her. Still, I enjoyed this brief respite from reality. I think I need to read some good old fashioned Victorian romances here and there to keep my brain going. This is out already, so go get yourself a copy.


~ by generationgbooks on April 4, 2016.

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