Doctor Who: The Glamour Chase by Gary Russell (5 out of 5)


Yes, yes, ANOTHER Doctor Who novel. Shame on me for taking so long to read them all… but it’s going to take me awhile because there are a ton. With a sick father the past week, my attention has been needed elsewhere, and these are the best books to read when shit is going down here. I can just set it down and come back- and the I did. But it was so fun! The Eleventh Doctor is probably my favorite, and Amy & Rory are probably my favorite companions (that changes by the week, but they’re always top 3). I really liked this one for many reasons- Rory being one of the main ones…he gets a good chunk of dialogue and action in this one when the lovely Ms. Pond disappears. The Doctor does his usual ribbing, but actually gives credit to Rory a number of times throughout the book. I also liked this one because there was an entertaining cast of characters to support our lovable trio, and I had NO IDEA whom the evil Mother Hubbard was until the end. And the ending was far-fetched or ridiculous. The last Doctor Who novel I read wasn’t as enjoyable, so this was a nice return to what I’ve been used to.

The book begins with a spaceship crashing. The crew, beforehand, worried about the Thann getting control of something on board called “The Glamour”. More on that shortly. Then we segue to our lovable trio and the Tardis, landing in 1936, in a small village. They meet an older man who suffers from PTSD, something that Rory and the Doctor are familiar with from the future. Olly, the man, says he can see “them” coming closer, and he smells fire, gas, and burning. Olly tells the Doctor that he’s still mourning Daisy, his dead girlfriend who was taken by “Them”. Olly is the guest of a man named Nathaniel, who claims to have no problem lodging him, despite his being a former flame of his first wife. He also claims to have no problem with the Doctor, Rory, or Amy, but that seems to change. He foists Amy off on a jovial farmer named Tom, who seems to have a thing for Amy but not for water. Confused yet? You should be… it’s quite a little story. In the meantime, an archaeologist by the name Enola Porter is on the verge of discovering something huge at a dig- that something huge happens to be The Exalted…the spaceship that crashes at the beginning of our story. Throw in these little stinkers called “The Weave” and you have one hell of a story here… including the resolution of multiple things, and the emergence of a seemingly buddy buddy relationship between the Doctor and Rory, especially after Amy disappears and a fake Amy reappears. The cheeky teasing and brotherly affection between the boys is unusual, and Rory gets a lot of airtime in this book- which I LOVED. I think I’ve read one or two other Gary Russell Who novels and enjoyed them, but this is my favorite. No complaints, just a lot of fun.



~ by generationgbooks on April 7, 2016.

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