The Stranger Game by Cylin Busby (4 out of 5)

  • This was a nice surprise. It shouldn’t have been, because almost everything Jenny slaps the sticker on, is a great pick. Jenny, for those unfamiliar, is our children’s rep for Harper Collins publishers. Don’t rush out to get this one justvyet, though. It isn’t out until October 25 of this year. Put it on your to-be-read list, though! Target age group is 13 and up. I highly recommend it for adults too. Psychological suspense thriller is one of my favorite genres and this one reads like one. Just when I was starting to lose faith!
  • Nico’s older sister Sarah disappears, devastating her family, friends, and anyone who knows her. Nico can’t voice how she really feels (relieved) because Sarah really isn’t a nice bigger sister, taunting and being cruel to Nico on a daily basis through the years. After four years, Sarah is found. But is she really?? This Sarah is the complete opposite of the girl who vanished four years before. While it can be argued that this is not unusual in kidnapping cases, in this case, it raises bells of alarm for Nico. Sarahs’ physicality and the difference isn’t bothering her, but the abrupt attitude change toward Nico. Where there used to be abuse and unrelenting taunts, there is now kindness. Sarah’s amnesia has caused her to forget everything, including what happened to her and how. Nico sets out to figure out what happened to her sister and once she dies, well, wow. The author does a superb job of not taking the easiest door to an answer to the plot, and she imbues both Nico and Sarah with vivid brushstrokes so that the reader DOES give a rat’s ass about what happened and what will happen to both of them. No contrived plot devices anywhere, which was nice after the past 10 booka that I read. What a great change of pace, and a fine thriller for your young adult. Pick it up in October! 

~ by generationgbooks on July 14, 2016.

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