Party of One by Dave Holmes (4 out of 5)

I love a great cover. This is, but it’s also a confusing cover. First of all, I thought he was holding a stack of pancakes. I thought about how lonely it was to eat pancakes alone at I-Hop. Then I realized I have been there and wept like a girl denied gluten. Then I realized it was a Walkman, then I wept for the loss of those. I wept a lot. The title reminded me of that goofy 90’s show “Party of Five”. Then I really had something to cry about! Some of you asked me who Dave Holmes is. He’s a former MTV VJ. He’s currently an editor-at-large for Esquire magazine, hosts a show on Sirius XM, and performs in shows at the Upright Citizens Brigade. And yes, a MTV VJ. This country must have been real hard up for some inexplicable personality booger in the 90’s, because this poor man lost the Wanna Be A VJ contest to Jesse Camp. JESSE CAMP.You remember him? I’m sorry. I do as well. Namely because Jen Z was obsessed with him. That shouldn’t surprise anyone who knew her. Anyway…..happily, Dave was on the ole MTV for a number of years, and tells us all about it. He also tells us about growing up in the 80’s as a young man coming to terms with the fact that he was gay, and the wonderful, weird boat of nostalgia that was the 80’s. Dave always felt like a square peg in a Rubik’s Cube, though. Much of the book is very open about that. He never gives up, though! And he has the most bitching of soundtracks to accompany his personal quest- the 80’s and beyond. Dave let’s us into his journey growing up to his days at MTV and beyond. Not once did I stop cheering him on. No doubt, the music kept him going at multiple hard times in his life, as it does for many of us. The book shows Holmes has mastered the art of self deprecating humor, edged with a side of know-how and heart. A lot of heart here in these pages, friends. And no, I don’t mean the band. All’s well that ends well, when Dave leaves New York and the once bustling hub known as MTV, for the laidback chill ride known as LA, where he begins to grow more comfortable in his skin, and finally meets “The One”. Overall, nothing I can say about this book that is negative. I wish it could have gone on forever. I wish a lot of impossible things, though, so I’ll settle for recommending it to all. 


~ by generationgbooks on August 4, 2016.

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