Lock And Key: The Initiation by Ridley Pearson (3 out of 5)

This book comes via ARC from our Harper children’s rep, Jennifer Sheridan. Thank you, Jenny. I am a Ridley Pearson fan from back in the BAM days of Peter & The Starcatchers. I have been surrounded by Sherlock Holmes canon for years now. First Lady F with her Benedict Cucumberbatch obsession, then Nicole with her Johnlock fandom mania. Holly consistently speaks of watching the TV show “Elementary”. Sherlock is everywhere! Anthony Horowitz had a New York Times bestseller on his hands with “Moriarty”, about Sherlock’s archnemesis. I think Felicia read that one too, come to think of it. Anyway, it makes perfect sense that Pearson is diving into that now for the middle school set. The start of this isn’t out until September 20, courtesy of Harper. And this first book examines the origins of Moriarty. What fun it was. I should confess I usually like to read up on the bad guys first anyway. I should also confess that I have NOT thrown myself into the Sherlock cannonball yet, besides being an old fuddy-duddy who read the original books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. For shame! Anyway, this will be a fun introduction for the kiddos, but at the end of it my evil, dark soul and trembling hand reached for adult titles that are Sherlock related. So I’ll probably read the Horowitz and start watching “Elementary”. Yum. Jonny Lee Miller. Yum. Anyhow….

The story begins with James and his sister Moria being sent off to the renowned Baskerville Academy. Of course, neither child wants to, but there is a long line of Moriarty forefathers who proudly marched through the hallowed halls and graduated. So the young lad does have some pressure on his shoulders. He meets Sherlock, and there is immediate dislike there, but the boys are forced to work together when the school’s heirloom Bible is stolen, and cryptic clues keep finding their way to Moriarty. They join forces to figure out where it is, and whom the culprit is. Now, this is a great start to the elementary (pun intended) school set being introduced to the Sherlock canon, but there was something missing. As I said, I can’t speak with authority on this, because I am not very familiar with the new Sherlock mania, but I should have been more excited. I love Ridley Pearson! I really did enjoy this and it was great to read the beginning of Moriarty’s evil beginnings, as imagined by Ridley Pearson. I did feel some sympathy toward the character, and I don’t think that is cool when you reside in the fandom. Oh shi K’s, I am uncool again! But seriously, the young ones would benefit from reading the first book in Pearson’s series. I guess my problem was there wasn’t enough darkness. Otherwise, a fun read. 


~ by generationgbooks on August 6, 2016.

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