Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am?: Confessions of a First Class Asshole by Justin Ross Lee (5 out of 5)

The first thing I thought about this book about 60 pages in was that this mofo reminded me a lot of Tucker Max. And then once the traveling hijinx began, he reminded me of Frank Abagnale. A cross between the two. And on page 113, JRL even refers to himself as Abagnale. So the question posed by JRL is there from the first page. Who is JRL? Don’t call this guy TRL. If you call him an asshole, well, he knows he’s done what he came to do. Born into a privileged background, Justin Ross Lee finds ways to get the most out of any situation, and yes, most of the time this self-absorbed asshole does just that. And gets away with it! JRL is a self-created social media dillhole of the highest-and successful-order. He also starts a business-Pretentious Pocket- that evolves out of his Jewjetting exploits. How the hell did this motherfucker get coined “The ego that attacked NYC”? By using his own methodology to crash red carpet events, getting blacklisted from nightclubs and motels, and getting himself on shows on Bravo and VH1. Never mind that no one has heard of him making his celebrity known until HE finds ways to make it happen. The guy is a goddamned genius. And a prick. But I dare you to NOT laugh your ass off so hard reading this that you piss your pants. Talk about an effective brand that delivers! Here’s another thing you should know. JRL also does his fair share of helping the reader figure out ways to come out ahead, whether it’s the airline or the hotel industry. So it’s not all inflated pomposity. There are tips in here that most of us can take with and use at some future date, but it is more about the mystique of the self-made egoist. I haven’t laughed this hard since Tucker Max. I haven’t laughed this hard at Star Jones since..well, the Devil Dogs incident. As a former tabloid junkie, I remembered that all too well. This motherfucker is hilarious. I think I have dealt with so many assholes in the past few days that this was the perfect time for me to read a book coming from a self-coined King of them who made me laugh, not cry. I will advise you that if your balls shrivel up when you don’t get your statuses liked on Fakebook, you really won’t appreciate what JRL is cooking.. so leave the book for those of us who will appreciate what JRL is serving. Not for the weak of spirit, nor for the faint of fart. If you like princesses, dragons, and frilly dresses, take your delusional grandeur elsewhere. This book is where shit gets real. Bow to JRL, motherfuckers. Bow. 


~ by generationgbooks on August 8, 2016.

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