American Wino: A Tale of Reds, Whites, and One Man’s Blues by Dan Dunn (3 out of 5)

  • Let the jokes begin. G reading ANOTHER wine book? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I had to pull up all the wine and wine related books for a window display in our mall. I spotted this one and decided to give it a shot. I am pretty sure I read his previous book Living Loaded: Tales of Sex, Salvation, and the Pursuit of the Never Ending Happy Hour. Of course, those were also the days of G living loaded. No such fun these days, although I still love the occasional glass of wine. This time around, Dunn takes his sarcastic humor cross country, as he travels the good ole USA in his attempts to find wine in the not-as-well known spots in our great land. His goal is to also rid himself of his woeful ignorance of things in his life that are making him desire to start anew (mostly, but not limited to, ex girlfriends). This is a really funny book, full of the obligatory life lessons, but also that the best can be made of any situation. Also glassful of useful information on all wines that Dunn drinks into on his path. The places he ends up? Wow. I think my favorite is the winery in Arkansas with the full RV park. I have to tell my friend Jennie who’s getting married in September and whose eventual destination IS Arkansas. Overall? Obviously a book written by a man who knows his wine (Dunn’s resume includes books pn libations, as well as numerous works in magazines. He knows his spirits well). Also, a very funny book about a guy who has reached a crossroads in his personal life and tries to find his way out in the unlikeliest of locations. Part wine guide, part travelogue, part humorous memoir, a very funny book for the wino in your life. 

~ by generationgbooks on August 9, 2016.

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