The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer (5 out of 5)

Chances are pretty fair that you know Amy Schumer. Or rather, you know her show Inside Amy Schumer. But do any of us REALLY know her? This may be our best bet to get a glimpse. The book is exactly like and yet different from what you see on her television show. As she points out, everyone expects people in Hollyweird to be “on” at all times, which is hard for a self-declared introvert. Yes, Amy Schumer is an introvert. That’s just one of many surprises contained in her autobiography. My eye-opening moment was reading that she had her heart broken by a guy the EXACT way I did. Shit, if I loved the woman before that reveal, I was ready to get a lower back Amy Schumer tattoo after the fact! But the public Amy and private Amy, as much as her fans would like, while keeping large parts of that persona we see on the show, are two different people. And isn’t that so true on most cases? Those who live and work in the public eye DO, more often than not, put on a different face while dealing with the public in a private sector. I felt bad for Amy reading some of the stories about her private time meeting her public time. But more than that? I admired her MORE! Reading about her upbringing, from the thoughts rolling through her head at her bat mitzvah, to realizing her parents were divorcing, up to her father’s diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, was coated in her trademark sarcasm, but with a touch of realism. This woman can be snarky and make you cry til your butt plug comes out, but she is a very real person with real emotions, and that’s pretty fucking refreshing in a memoir. She touches on her love life, her vagina, her close relationship with her siblings, her show and those who help her write it, as well as her movie from last year, Trainwreck. I don’t think any of us will ever truly know Amy Schumer, but this is the best bet we have to come close. So, yes, if you love the show and her comedy, pick up a copy and read it! Don’t leave it to read in the bathroom while you’re taking a dump. No, wait, maybe you should…she would probably love that shit! Literally! Wickedly funny and also heartwarming in parts, THIS is the real Amy Schumer, vagina and all. The book is out now. 

~ by generationgbooks on August 30, 2016.

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