Blood Red Snow White by Marcus Sedgwick (3 out of 5) 

I am not big on fairy tales. Or books based on fairy tales, so I should not be surprised that I didn’t care for it. It just wasn’t my cup of bloodshed. The year is 1917 and the world at large is fighting G dreadful wars. The Russian Revolution has just begun its descent into carnage. Arthur Ransome is a young British journalist in the middle of it all. This is where the fairy tales come into it. His original trip was to collect fairy tales. Interestingly enough, this book is divided into three novellas that tell the story. The first part is written as a Russian fairytale, dark humor and all. The second story is a spy story. Covering one evening. The third is, inevitably, a love story. For it seems in this day and age that it’s near impossible to have a young adult story that doesn’t have romance in it. I could do with just the bleak horror and dark humor of the first two novellas here, and do without the third story. Just not my cup of blood, as I said earlier. Overall, an effective blending of all three parts in telling the story of Ransome and this horrifying period of history. After Lenin and Trotsky leave the paper, I lost all interest in what happened to our journalist. All interest. Therefore, the book wavered and waned in the concentration zone. I also thought it was new, until one of my friends on Goodreads emailed me to inform me it came out in 2007 originally and they rebranded it, gave it a new cover, and are re-releasing it! Uh, thanks. Overall, it is a decent book. Just not a favorite. 

~ by generationgbooks on September 1, 2016.

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