High Heat by Richard Castle (5 out of 5)

No, I am not giving it 5 stars because the show ended. Don’t even accuse me of such tomfoolery! I am giving it 5 stars be cause I was stumped until the end, and the ending justified the book. Given that I have read 7-8 books in the past two weeks where that has not been the case, I was relieved that it didn’t take the easy way out. And it throws the reader quite a surprise at the end…the type of surprise, I hope, that means the Richard Castle books will keep on coming, even after the show ceased. Then again, that ending could go the way of the last episode of Castle, where a good many of us were “WTF”‘ing all over the Internet. This latest installment of the series in book form? Highly enjoyable.

Nikki Heat is not long returned from her honeymoon and still reveling in newlywed bliss while her beloved hubby Rook is off in SE ret locations, chasing down a highly revered interview with charismatic Presidential candidate “Legs” Kline. (Yes, Legs does bear a resemblance to a bulbous Cheeto newly elected to high office. In case you were wondering). Things at the 2oth Precinct halt when a video is delivered in which a prominent female journalist is beheaded by hooded figures claiming allegiance to Isis. Seconds after the beheading, the head figure announces the next journalist to be killed- Jameson Rook. Nikki is panic-stricken because no one can find him. In true fashion, the rascal shows up and thinks he recognizes the girl who was killed.. indeed, it’s his ex Tam, and Rook’s life is definitely in the balance. In the middle of all this, Nikki sees a homeless woman in the park and freaks when she realizes she thinkd-is certain- it is her long dead mother who was murdered. People who were around Joanna when she was alive start dropping like flies, and Rook tells Nikki her mom may well have been in hiding all these years, suddenly to re-emerge. Her thoughts distracted by why her mom would have abandoned her all those years ago and why, Nikki really wigs out when Rook and Inez- one of her officers- go to meet a probable lead, and are kidnapped by the Isis fighters…right in front of her. This leads to a terse standoff, and a whole tsunami of revelations in the last few chapters that stun the reader. Well, this reader wasn’t expecting any of this! And that is why I loved the hell out of it and hope there is another one or two books in the pipeline. There has to be, for us to find out what the hell is going on with the mom business. And that other thing that happened at the end. And that last thing. Really? Really? I am all for suspensions of reality as much as I am for roast beef sandwiches, but what in the ever loving fuck can I say about the last paragraph of this book? Wowwee Wowwee.

Go get it, if you are a fan of the now defunct show Castle. I daresay I enjoyed this book probably more than the entire last season. It’s out now at your local bookstore. 


~ by generationgbooks on November 18, 2016.

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