Doctor Who: Royal Blood (Glamour Chronicles) by Una McCormack (2 out of 5)

This is NOT the Doctor Who book I threw away after 3 chapters read. I was close. I was reading this while dealing with the stomach flu earlier this week. My level of patience was non existent. So was my ability to stay awake. This was not a book that helped with that aspect either. It’s a 12th doctor novel (Capaldi), with Clara hanging around as companion. It’s part of “The Glamour Chronicles”, a series of Doctor Who adventures where the Doctor and Clara are pursuing one if the most dangerous artifacts- The Glamour. 

The Doctor, Clara, and The Tardis land in Varuz, a city that appeared to once be grand and now is falling apart, quietly behind a mask of pride. Duke Aurelian is last in line for the throne, and his nemesis and his army are ready to invade at any time. Aurelian asks the Doctor- viewed as a holy man among residents of Varuz- for his blessing as he plans out a grand battle to save his city. Something is afoot in Varuz, though… namely with his wife and most trusted knight, who appear to be plotting to overthrow Aurelian himself. Are they in cahoots with the enemy, or bloodthirsty with power? And where does the lovely Clara fit in with her crush?? This is a quick read, unless you’re in your sickbed. Then it may do you in..

What didn’t I like?? Unlike previous Doctor Who books, this one didn’t have a clear vision. The Doctor wasn’t on an epic journey, or even trying to save the world or its inhabitants. It felt like he was aiming to save a town from a direction less leader and his cutthroat girlfriend. What fun is there in that for the reader? Not much, I’m afraid. Clara just ambles about the book, harboring a crush and trying to get medieval witty. Hint: it doesn’t work well. It is largely a book without much aim in it or going for it. The Duke is a big ball of wuss, so it was hard to cheer him on with his plan for domination. The Doctor is still his usual fun self, but even he appears lost and without an idea of why he is trying to help save this town. Hint: The Glamour. Hint: there are better Doctor Who books out there. This isn’t one of them. 


~ by generationgbooks on November 19, 2016.

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