Not Dead Yet: The Memoir by Phil Collins (4 out of 5)

That’s my cat Sasha. Sleeping on Phil Collin’s face when the title of the book is “Not Dead Yet”. Thankfully, a lot of my Instagram followers got the joke. My friend Philip said to me on Facebook : “Rock bios are all the same. Fame, fortune, ups, downs, family, infidelity, drugs or booze, divorce, etc. All the same”. I thought about that for a couple of weeks. I finished this book the first week of November. I came to the conclusion that this is NOT the case. Go read Keith Richard’s book “Life”, “The Dirt” by Motley Crue, or Bob Dylan’s “Chronicles, Vol. 1”. Those are just 3 books that I have read that do not follow a formalaic equation for a rock and roll memoir. And Phil Collins? His doesn’t either, despite what you may believe. 

You know Phil Collins. Even if you don’t love his music, chances are good that you know him or are acquainted with him. Phil takes us through his childhood, where the music bug bit late, after he spends a portion of his childhood and teen years acting in plays. Then into his luck-of-the-draw audition with Genesis. The story of Genesis (the genesis of Genesis??!) and its inhabitants and effect on Collins branching out into a solo career is great reading. Phil lost me a bit with the marital discord that permeated a good portion of his personal life, but hey…at least he accepts full fault for that! I have read other bios where the issues are skirted around. Also no apologies for being a workaholic and how that contributed to those marital breakups. Honesty is the policy here. On top of all of that, he addresses the fact that he almost drank himself to death on the heels of his marriage dissolving and his “retirement”. What the reader gets throughout the entire book is an affable, aboveboard Phil Collins telling the story of his promised life and the reader immediately feels a kinship with this dude. Phil is exactly the type of guy I would go sit down and have lunch with. Funny, honest, and just a fun guy to talk to. The memoir was fun to read from start to finish. Definitely an enjoyable read. 

~ by generationgbooks on November 20, 2016.

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