G’s Holiday Gift Guide: 🎁For the History Buff in Your Life:                           The Electrifying Fall of Rainbow City by Margaret Creighton (5 out of 5)

Between October and now Dec 9th), I have read somewhere in the vicinity of 340 books. Have I blogged that many? No. Guilty of I don’t know what. I am now trying to play catch up. I read this back in October. I had an advance of it. The folly continues in that for reasons I cannot fathom, we have not sold a lot. The ones we have are because my big mouth was over talking the customer into buying it. 100%. So, now I go to atone for my lateness on getting the title into people’s hands by blogging its greatness to the masses. And hand selling it to tons of history loving persons. And those who loved that Erik Larsen book to distraction. This book is currently out in hardcover format and brought to us by the fine folks at Norton. It would make a fantastic pick for the history buff in your life. And it was my favorite history title in 2016. I saw it shelved in True Crime last week, and I asked my assistant manager why it was there. Because there is room and because IPage has it categorized first, are not the right answers, for the record. Having read it, I would call it history. There is an assassination and while it shapes a portion of the story, it is not straight up true crime. 

Buffalo, New York in 1901, the site of the Pan American Exposition, brings a colorful and larger than life cast of characters. Promoters worked the Niagara Falls angle, along with the promise of electrical lights and glittering publicity, to try to lure people into thinking this would overshadow Chicago’s infamous World Fair. It does, but in a magnificently wrong sense. President William McKinley is stalked and assassinated, making Vice President Theodore Roosevelt the President. Women going over Niagara Falls in a barrel, and fearless acts fighting for control of a captive audience, and control behind the scenes with shady managers, are only part of the landscape here. It’s also a love letter to the city of Buffalo, and the power struggles shaping the beginning of a new century. If you had asked me anytime before October if I cared about Buffalo, the answer would be a joke. Creighton gives us a broad perspective of extraordinary events and people who shaped the Pan Am Expo into something that will never be forgotten. Happily, she lets us remember it in the first place. 


~ by generationgbooks on December 11, 2016.

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