G’s Holiday Gift Guide for the Psychological Suspense Fan in your Life 🎁

This book is one I bought in October. I didn’t get to reading it until November. What a find! I think this is her debut novel. I had no idea what to think of this, but I could not put it down, and that’s usually a good sign. Clara and her husband are taken from their home by armed strangers. They separate Clara and Glen, her husband, from one another. As they try to get Clara to confess to them about her husband and his family, not to mention, their daughters, we relive her life through her memories. Clara is even more startled when they begin accusing her husband and his mother of unspeakable crimes and acts against the girls they have “adopted” and raised through the years. They make it more whack by addressing her as Diana and throwing her in a mental institution where she joins a survivors group, and begins to remember things that had previously remained buried. Horrified, one domino tips another and things continue to spin perilously out of control, until the final revelations throw Clara…and the reader…into a state of shock. It totally threw me…and to top that off, it also addresses a very real social issue that should be in more of our collective subconscious. Go out and get this, if you want a book that will really do a number on your psyche. Well done, Rena Olsen!

Last, but certainly, NOT least, is this gem. Don’t run out to get it until NEXT Tuesday, when it goes on sale. December 27 is the book’s strict on sale date. Thanks to A.J.(or Tara) or whomever was awesome enough to send me the advance advance (manuscript form, I call it) of it in the summertime. I have since lost it, I believe, to my friend Nancy, who cannot find it. So I will have to get my hands on it next week when it’s released. Kyra is a marine biologist still recovering from a diving accident that left her with a messed up form of memory loss. By her side is her devoted husband, Jacob, who cares for her and helps her keep the pieces of the puzzle intact. But does he know more than he is letting on? Kyra has flashbacks, visions of rocky paths in her marriage, and Jacob’s answers don’t always connect the dots as much as they turn her memory into a jumbled mess. Even their close friendships are very strange, with a close female friend who once dated Jacob and seemingly still has the hots for him, and whom seems to harbor some resentment towards Kyra. You have to feel for her throughout the book, as she seeks answers so she can get closure, and instead finds a gaping morass of lies and evil in places she never imagined. I had no idea how this one was going to turn out, but when you get to the end and it all comes together….holy moly! Well worth the price of admission. Give it a chance! 

~ by generationgbooks on December 20, 2016.

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