ONE TO READ IN 2017!       FINAL GIRLS by Riley Sager (5 out of 5)

I don’t even know where to start with this one. I’ll bet that very sentence makes you think the worst. In this case, definitely not. Yet that sentence is apt to describe most of the spellbinding, creepy as hell book that I am reviewing. Twists and turns that make Mulholland Drive look like a track at Kiddie Land. First thing I need to tell you is very important. This book is not out until July 11 , 2017. Put it on your TBR lists NOW. I have read some real good psychological mysteries coming that came out this month..and I was going on about those months ago when I read them. Now this is the FIRST one that I have read that I cannot wait to sell in the summer of this year. Holy shit! That’s all I’ve got to say. And in the best of ways.

Ten years ago, Quincy Carpenter was involved in what can be described as a bloody massacre. On vacation with five friends, she is the only survivor of a murder spree in the woods that comes to be known as “The Pine Cottage Murders”. Quinn has moved on to running a successful baking blog, lives with a public defender named Jeff who she loves, a gorgeous apartment, a Xanax prescription (bordering on habit) that keeps her grounded, and she keeps trying to forget and alienate herself from that event and any mention of it. The press, and one reporter in particular, won’t let it go, dubbing her one of “The Final Girls”. Plural, and yes, there are two others besides Quinn- Lisa, the lone survivor of a sorority killing, and Samantha, who was on the shift when a psycho called The Sack Man terrorizes a hotel in Florida named The Nightlight Inn. They are linked in the press, and all three are trying to live normal lives, and haven’t met once. That time comes to an end when Samantha mysteriously shows up on Quinn’s door after Lisa, the first Final Girl, shows up in a bathtub with her wrists slit. Despite her misgivings at how Samantha found her and got ahold of her phone number, Quinn opens her door to Samantha, a fact which doesn’t sit well with Jeff or with Coop, the policeman who rescued Quinn from the killer (known as Him) and remains a friend and confidant. Samantha quickly throws everything asunder with her rebellious, devil-may-care attitude and continuously hitting Quinn with question after question about that night, to unforseen, potentially catastrophic circumstances. The two form anunlikely alliance that makes Quinn act completely out of character, and Samantha keeps on influencing her badly, to the point that Quinn commits several acts that could land her in jail, and Sam gets her out of trouble, but now Sam knows some more of Quinn’s secrets, and that throws more gasoline on the already smoldering fire. Is this chick SWF? There are moments when I wondered. But on top of this crazy shit going down, there is still the mystery of Lisa’s suicide and what made her snap. Quinn keeps digging and things start going more downhill when it becomes crystal clear that this might not be the case, and how the hell does Sam figure into that? Coop meets Sam and after initially warning that she was troube, gets busted by Quinn trying to get busy with Sam. Thst, in turn, triggers more and more of Quinn’s repressed memories, and shit starts getting real. There isn’t a single chapter where it’s quiet, people. Because even when it’s seemingly so, there is something evil brewing underneath. Once the reader gets to experience the horror of what Quinn went through… Well, I was freaking spooked (and so glad I read this one in the broad daylight. I didn’t with Karen Slaughter’s “Pretty Girls” and I didn’t sleep for two nights!). There is no review that I can write and nothing that I can compare it to that will make me feel as if I have given it the proper review it deserves. I will probably go back on closer to its release and te-sing it’s praises. Right now I will call it the Sharon Tate murders meets SWF meets “Pretty Girls”. If you like psychological suspense with a dash of horror, yes, it will satisfy you. And so many twists and turns, you very well may need a scorecard to keep track of it all. I was stunned by every little curveball thrown by Sager in this book, and the ending? I was speechless..and pissed that it isn’t July yet, so I can try to get everyone to read it. I think this is going to be THE book everyone is talking about in the second half of this year. And I hope if they do make it into a movie, they don’t fuck it up spectacularly. Definitely my first favorite of the year, hands down. One last thought. Stephen King, one of my all-time favorite authors, loved it and said if you liked “Gone Girl” that you’ll love this. Here’s my thought. No, FAR better than “Gone Girl”. I hated that book. This book KICKS ASS while scaring the shit out of you. Thank you to my Penguin Random House homie, Stefan, for the advance. He sent this with a whole pile of ARC’s in December. I am ever grateful, dude. As for the book, July 11…7/11…is the release date, and brought to you by Dutton Books. 


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