The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli (5 out of 5)

I decided to do something different and do the picture sideways. To get the attention of the followers, obviously. It has NOTHING to do with the dumbass book blogger taking the picture with her camera upside down. Seriously.

This is coming out in March, 2017, so don’t go hunting it down just yet. I came by this advance through Holly getting it from Jenny, her Harper rep. I am surprised this didn’t have her sticker of approval. I thought from reading the synopsis that I would find it as appealing as an ovarian cyst, but surprise, I dug it! The book. Definitely not the cyst. 

Molly is a 17-year old girl who knows the firsthand pain of unrequited love. Or crushes. Or are they the same? She should know by now. She’s had 26 of them, after all! Her confident twin sister, whom I called “Sassy Cassie” throughout the book, keeps sassing and telling Molly to deal with it. Molly’s weight issues make her overly cautious. In the spirit of identifying with real life, we’ll call Molly “G” and Cassie “Shannon”. 😃 Cassie meets a girl who makes her into a googly eyed kissyface who now knows the meaning of a crush/true love (because aren’t they the same?). Her path to true love is tempered somewhat by her girlfriend’s funny and flirtatious friend Will. What happens? Well, you know, Molly thinks he is crush material. Not to be counted out, there’s also the matter of Molly’s coworker Reid, aka Nerd Deluxe in my mind through the book, who is the anthesis to anyone that Molly would ever give the time of day to. So let’s go through this again. Twin sisters, a new girlfriend and her best guy friend who’s hip to be square, and a card-carrying Tolkien fiend. What sort of mondo bizarre love cincoangle (5-sided love triangle, for those unfamiliar with my made-up vocab words) is this? A fun one! I really didn’t expect it to eclipse her first book, Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens, but it has. It is a ridiculously funny, heartwarming, thought provoking, and FUN. Becky’s writing is the sort that makes me wish there was a solid young adult genre when I was a teen. We weren’t totally bereft in the Ice Age; we had Judy Blume bringing social issues to her books. But there weren’t the wide array of talented authors in the young adult genre that the teens nowadays have. So I guess I am making up for not having that genre and gifted authors like Becky Albertalli in my youth, by reading all of these titles now. The writing in her book is so lumiscent that the characters all take on their own kind of shine. And now I blame Becky for making me want to eat Oreos again (I put them away with the onset of the stupid gluten intolerance three years ago. After her book, well, the Oreo bloodlust has returned. Thanks, Becky). So go out and get this book when it’s released in March, 2017. A wonderful story that teens and adults should read! 


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