The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee (2 out of 5)

Holly got me an advance of this from someone or most likely, from her rep. I liked the cover and everywhere I looked, the book bloggers I am follow were RAVING. Again, there is a reason I don’t really listen to the critics. More times than not, I listen to my co-workers and my customers. Holly did not love this, nor did Jenny, her fill-in. I just saw earlier on Goodreads when I was shelving this as “read”, that five of my friends over there also did not care for it. I think we have sold one, two? Not a good sign there, either. So yeah, no great shakes here from me on this one. 

First thing’s first, definite props to the author for creating one hell of a setting in Manhattan in 2118, a futuristic metropolis with a thousand floor tower at its apex. I bought into that vision easily enough. I am not sure if the author intended to write her version of a CW TV show in book form, but the shiny, self-absorbed cast made it easy for me to withdraw from them almost instantly. A bunch of crybabies boohooing everything. That lost some appeal to me. I have no idea what strange relationship is going on with Avery and her stepbrother Atlas but discussing laying one on him. .that’s just wrong and gross. And then it happens! I don’t buy into that at all. So, points off for whatever weird sibling succubus Scrabble is going on there. Throw im whatever the fuck you call that ending, which is half-assed, and really, let me be honest here.. the only reason I kept going was to find out who was going to be frenching the gravel at the end of the glorious swan dive off the Thousandth Floor. By the way, the identity wasn’t a surprise because it’s pretty much given away. So, yeah, if you want to read something mind-blowing, this is not it. Kiss-blowing to your family members, yes, but that’s where the story ends. At least for me. 


~ by generationgbooks on January 11, 2017.

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