MUST READ!!!!! Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough (5 out of 5) 

That’s an advance in the picture above. Yes, it’s bent. This is, no question, due to my frentic reading of this book. I have read a lot of great psychological books in the past few months (grateful, as I had feared this genre was waning before this latest batch of good ones) but THIS? This is the biggest mindfuck I have read in years! I cannot even put it into words, but to get the word out about this excellent read, I must find words for this review. The book isn’t out until January 31, so get it ordered now or pre-order from your nearest independent bookstore. That’s an order. It’s brought to us by Flatiron Books, an imprint of Macmillan. Another compared to Gilliam Flynn’s “Gone Girl”, which makes my head hurt because I still can’t stand that book. I can see why, because it is, at root, a story of a rapidly disintegrating marriage. But what it is that “Gone Girl” wasn’t is EXCELLENT. In my opinion. So, if you did like that Gilliam Flynn book, you’re guaranteed to really love this one. Confused yet? Just wait. There is one scene in the book that will trouble you greatly. As an animal lover and owner of a cat, it troubled me to no end…but it plays a part in the psychology of one of the characters, and it leads into this giant Escher puzzle that leads to THAT ENDING. And I am sure I am setting this up as the greatest book since the biography of a Parcheesi player on the Titanic, but seriously…it is. The story is told from three points of view..David and Adele, who are married, and Louise, his secretary. Louise is newly divorced, raising her son by herself, and suffering the double barrels of low self-esteem and bad habits. She has a bit too much to drink at a bar and snogs with a handsome stranger, who turns out to be her new boss at the doctor’s practice she works at. Awkward! After agreeing that it was a mistake, Louise bumps into-literally- a stunning young woman after dropping her son off at school. Mother of all coincidences…turns out this woman is Adele, David’s wife, and the ladies strike up a friendship. Upon discussing, Louise realizes that she is David’s wife and she must be very careful on proceeding with the friendship, and keeps it secret from her boss, a move that brokers smart move, when a drink David shows up at Louise’s house one evening and she gives in to her desire. Add an affair with David, while Adele is confiding in her that David makes her take meds of his choosing and is emotionally abusive. Louise gets pulled into this tarantula weave of a marriage, eventually losing her job as well when David goes crazy upon finding out that she and Adele have this odd friendship going behind his back. Just when you think you have this book figured out…BOOM!!! Another curve ball. The entire book is that infuriating Sudoku puzzle you never solve, waste 10,000 pencils on, and the reason you set the whole book on fire. This book is the BIGGEST MINDFUCK I have read in years. There’s a reason you see that #WTFThatEnding hashtag all over the place. Those of us who read the galleys? I finished that book over a week ago and I am still shaking my head. 

So again—-GET THIS BOOK when it comes out January 31. You won’t be sorry. Stunned? Oh yes. But not sorry!!! 

~ by generationgbooks on January 21, 2017.

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