The Fifth Letter by Nicola Moriarty (3 out of 5) 

This is the advance cover. I like it better than the cover that they went with. This was a pretty decent book, but the way that the group of friends become a unit in the beginning is somewhat odd to me, but it seems it may have been fixed in how the story plays out. I was still not fond of all of the ladies in the book, and if you cannot forge a connection with the characters, you are going to have a hard time really embracing the story. And in the end, it got better, but it wasn’t high on my list of can’t miss reads. 

Joni, Trina, Deb, and Eden have been friends since school (Again, the way Joni rounds them up like cattle; due to their astrology signs and their last name starting with the letter “C”, is eye rolling and infantile, in my opinion). They gather for a girls’ vacation since they are so busy with life that they just don’t hang out as much as they used to (or maybe because Joni is a bit much. Just my opinion). She suggests that each of them write a letter exposing secrets that they haven’t shared before. The content of those letters? Considering how these women are described, that may be a bit of a surprise. I wasn’t surprised, because many things are plot devices that wouldn’t seem out of place in a Nora Roberts book. Not only that, but it was very easy for me to guess who the author’s of the letters that was another minus. However, there are some twists and turns in this one that were a pleasant surprise. To the reader, that is. A fifth letter is uncovered by Joni..What this one contains is the meat of the story. However, it may be tofu. Unfortunately, again, I was not surprised by any of the developments that are supposed to knock the reader off their feet. Perhaps I have read too many books in my life and the plot device rang an all too familiar bell? What does this book offer to the reader? It is a pleasantly quick read. And the premise itself is a new one. I just didn’t love the execution, some of the middling dialogue, and Joni bothered the hell out of me. Despite that, strong concept and many curve balls imbedded in the letters, so the element of some surprise has not completely dissipated here. I also enjoyed Nicola Moriarty’s writing style, and would read her again. 

~ by generationgbooks on January 23, 2017.

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