Radio Silence by Alice Oseman (5 out of 5)

This is the advance cover. The cover that I saw on Goodreads is not the same cover. I actually liked the cover. I also really loved the book. And no, not just because I love radio, personalities, talk radio, and podcasts. Because although I do, this book could have laid a smelly egg. I envy the lead character, Frances, her ability to be a bookworm and yet join up with that shy and quiet boy academic whiz kid Aled, and produce a podcast. I have a friend who is great with podcasts. He even allowed me to be in one. Unfortunately, a very ill father, a very depressed Georgette, and a misinformed idea of how a March Madness bracket worked against me and I couldn’t deliver the expected entertainment on air that I would have otherwise. That was then. Before one DJ gig at a local radio station and my 6 day a week DJ gig on an Internet radio station. I got the chops nowadays. I guess if it’s music, I rule. If it’s free form rapping about things I wasn’t really into at the time, I couldn’t pull it off. Words? I’m good at them. That’s why I am a writer and not on a podcast. Blog away!! L Anyway, Frances and Aled begin the podcast, and the strong yet realistic friendship between them blossoms them both, and the podcast becomes a viral smash. However, there are secrets that Frances is hiding, which threaten her friendship, and Aled trying to handle things alone threatens the fragile bonds between the two friends. Can Frances face up to her darker side and make things right by fessing up regarding the disappearance of her friend Carys? Will she and Aled salvage their friendship, as well as the podcast? Is it worth losing their friendship over? And what really happened to Carys? I can tell you what will happen..You will pick up this book and reading this will make you feel better. So go out and pick up a copy at your local indie bookstore. It’s out March 28th, 2017, on Harper Teen. 

~ by generationgbooks on January 29, 2017.

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