Naked 76 by Kevin Brooks (3 out of 5)

I was hoping for an “Almost Famous” type of story, but for the young adult squad. It was not quite that. It is a good book, and obviously well researched, but it is very long and somewhat drawn out. Especially for the ever-on-the-move teen crowd. I liked it OK but I could find better out there for the young adult consumer. It did not stop me, as a 44-year old, from enjoying it. 

Lili Garcia is the bassist for Naked, a band straight out of the London pink scene. This is a scene in its infant stage, and the pressure of the scene exploding and suns emerging from the cloud that had hung over London previously, cause a breakdown of epic proportions between Lili and Curtis Ray, the breakout star of the band. Oh yeah, and he’s also Lilu’s boyfriend. Therein lies some more tension. Enter one William Bonney, a guitarist from another band. Also known professionally as “Billy the Kid”. The total anthesis of Curtis Ray, and every bit as talented. You know what this is a set-up for. A band battle royale? Not quite. More like the fight for Lili’s heart. This did not surprise me one bit. I also have to admit bias. I did not like Curtis Ray (Sounds like a convict name. Or the lead singer of a Billy Ray Cyrus tribute band. UGH!) at all. I was a huge fan of Billy the Kid. And you know what happens..Lili begins to question all she was previously “content” with. The story goes on for a long time. I felt that it could have been wrapped up quicker. These are teens. They don’t ruminate over decisions forever….That’s what the 40 something crowd like myself do! So…In a nutshell, I liked it but I didn’t love it. 

~ by generationgbooks on March 18, 2017.

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