Felony Murder Rule by Sheldon Siegel (4 out of 5) 

I’ve been reading this series since my first bookstore job. My former manager Stacey told me Sheldon Siegel was a better John Grisham. I do love John Grisham, but I did mentally sign out of my worship log for a few years, because his books started annoying me. I looked him up on a lark on Shamazon and saw this self published book. I was very excited. He didn’t let me down. 

I had no idea this kind of crazy law existed. Felony murder rule states that someone who is with another person or persons at the time a felony (in this case, murder) is committed but doesn’t actually commit the violent act, is still liable to answer for the act itself. The offense basically leaps to that person just because they are in the same place at the same time. Let me state, that blew my doors right off. What kind of madness is this law? In the case of the book, a teen named Thomas is sitting in a car listening to music while his friend Duc goes into a liquor store to get beer for a party. Within minutes, Thomas is hauled out of the car by police and informed that Duc tried to rob the store and the owner put 6 bullets into him, killing him instantly . Then they inform Thomas that he is under arrest, under the felony murder rule. His aunt goes to Mike Daley in desperation and after dropping a piece of very important information on him, gets him to take the case last minute, after he fires the other lawyer (she wanted him to accept a plea bargain. The stubborn teen refuses to admit that he did anything wrong). Last minute…Mike takes the case and only has FOUR days to learn the case, interview all the principles in the case, and try to prove his client’s innocence, outside of this crazy law. The only way to do that? Find a way to prove that Duc did NOT provoke the owner into shooting him to death. This felt like the book where Mike and his ex-wife/partner Rosie and her niece Rolanda (also working the case) may finally lose a case. I was hooked all the way until the end. I missed these two and Siegel’s novels with them. I hope he has another one in him. The ending wasn’t contrived, and a few twists provided some surprises that not only went a long way toward the end, but stated true to the characters of Mike and Rosie. Bravo, Sheldon Siegel, Bravo!!

~ by generationgbooks on March 22, 2017.

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