16 Ways to Break A Heart by Lauren Strasnick (2 out of 5) 

Wow. This was a car crash. I am not just saying this because there’s a car on the cover and because the book is about the breakup of a relationship. No, not metaphorical at all. This was a book pick by the Harper rep. She is usually on the money, so I pushed my misgivings aside and plowed through it. Tuesday was not a good day anyway. I tried to read this at the hospital, to no avail. When I got home, I plowed through more. Then while I was waiting for my sister to come by. Then during the “Big Bang Theory”. In short, if I have to put it down numerous times and pick it up again and again, it means my interest is elsewhere. To be fair, so was my mind. But a book…A book…Is an escape. For me, at least. This one had me looking for the nearest fire escape/exit. 

Natalie and Dan are opposites in many ways. But their chemistry? Off the charts. So is Natalie’s rating as a semi-stalker. The book itself begins at the end of the winding road that was THEM. The book is comprised of texts, chat conversations, and letters between the two..And others….That spell out the end of the relationship. For as good as they are, they are also bad…Together. Natalie comes off as this whack job, needy, borderline emotionally abusing kook. Dan should be the bad guy here, as his actions spell the end of the relationship. Instead…I kinda ended up liking Dan and sneering my lip (Billy Idol-style) at Natalie and her missives. There is something wrong about reading a book like this and taking the side of the guy who deepsixed everything, and not taking the side of the girl who was done wrong. But that’s how I felt! Mass frustration, but feelings about books, as with feelings about people, cannot be ignored. Seriously…The only reason this book got two stars was because I like the cover and I really liked Dan..Who is supposed to be the bad guy. I was not at all digging on this book. 

~ by generationgbooks on March 23, 2017.

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