Nevertheless: A Memoir by Alec Baldwin (4 out of 5)

Yes, THAT Alec Baldwin. Impersonator of Drumph. Broadway actor. Hollywood actor. Author. Lightning rod for controversy, at his own behest. Political afficianado.Husband and father. I was excited months ago to hear he had a book coming out. I read it in about two hours while sitting at the doctor’s office Thursday. I was pleasantly surprised. I knew it would be articulate, and it was. I knew it would be balls to the wall, and his pants were down around his ankles the entire book. I didn’t think it would tug on the heartstrings, though, and it did. Especially in discussing his somewhat distant relationship with his parents. The marriage and acrimonious divorce from Kim Basinger is discussed, and no stone unturned, but even when it’s not 100% wine and roses, he gives her a fair shake. I’ll be honest and say I expected that part of the book would be more cutthroat. He addresses the incident with his daughter and that voicemail message. His marriage to Hilaria is discussed, in what can only be described as the prose of a man quite obviously head over heels in love. But more than that, and what I loved most, was the obvious love of his craft. The book oozed love for acting in all forms, and there are great stories peppered throughout the book. I think it’s important in this one life we have to love the work you do; Baldwin does that and more. If you’re a fan of film, the man’s work, and yes, politics in this day and age, you will enjoy this book. If you’re only in it for a National Enquirer-type read, you’ll be bitterly disappointed. I really enjoyed the book, in spite of (or maybe, because of) the man’s foibles. Read on, people. Read on. 

~ by generationgbooks on April 15, 2017.

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