Little Monsters by Kara Thomas (5 out of 5) 

Kara wrote one of my favorite YA books last summer, “The Darkest Corners”. I gave it the full court press in BR, and I’m lucky if we sold one. Those teens only want to read dystopian or depressing mind-benders, not great psychological suspense (set in a young adult/teen mindset). The author blurb mentions that she is a true crime fanatic. You can tell from the books! I couldn’t easily escape from the darkest corners, but this one? Oh my God, this book is going to haunt me for a long time! Well done, Kara!

The small town mentality of Broken Falls is hard for newcomer Kacey to get used to. But after having endured physical and emotional abuse from her mom’s many loser boyfriends back in New York, it’s a community that welcomes her with open arms- even her long-absent dad’s new family. The popular girls, Bailey and Jade, invite Kacey into their clique. This begins the domino effect of the rest of the book. Kacey begins to wonder what the fuck their problem is when they suddenly distance themselves from her, especially after she specifically asks about a big party they are going to attend. The girls completely blow Kacey off, and she stays home and doesn’t really give it a second thought. Until a frantic Jade suddenly calls her the following morning, because Bailey left the party and vanished. Kacey tries her hardest to help with the investigation, but being a teen and not always equipped with common sense in place of emotion, she screws up big time and manages to throw herself into the line of guilt by association with her words and actions. Her little half-sister gives her information that leads a panicked Kacey to Sparrow Hill, where she finds a bloody print and some other inexplicable things. She calls the cops, who question her and view her as more of a suspect because she can’t explain why she is there without getting her little sister in trouble. More and more things come to light, people make questionable decisions and comments, and then all hell breaks loose when Bailey’s car is found. Kacey does her best to hold tight to her tenuous grip on reality, but more and more lies are revealed, and then Bailey’s body is found in Minnesota, over a hour away. What happened to Bailey? Why does everyone seems determined to pin it on Kacey? What about Bailey’s friends, her ex, her family, not to mention it could have been a random act of violence? What follows is one twist after another. I had NO idea what Thomas was going to throw at us next. And when I got to the end? SHELL SHOCKED. I had no damn idea what happened or how it was going to play out, but WOW! Dark and twisted doesn’t even cover it. As I said, this book will stay with me for a long time. Profoundly disturbing and enthralling. No putting this down! I read it in 3 hours. So…If you are that teen or adult who really wants psychological suspense and one hell of a murder mystery, this is it. It’s also, I should add, not out until 7-25-17 on Delacorte Press (Random House Teens). So throw it on your TBR lists for July, 2017. 


~ by generationgbooks on April 26, 2017.

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