Heat Storm by Richard Castle (4 out of 5)

The newest “Castle” book picks up where last November’s left off. Our heroine, Nikki Heat, was pretty certain she saw her 17-years deceased mother, done up as a homeless woman. The book picks up months later, with Heat getting offered the Head of Homeland Security Job by presidential candidate Lindsy Gardner. She also finds out that Bert Callan, a villain who she helped put into prison, got out and is on the loose. Shortly afterward, she’s contacted by Derrick Storm, who has a cassette recording of a call between her deceased mother and a companion, shortly before her mom was murdered in 1999. The duo team up once they figure out that Cynthia Heat was on the trail of The Shanghai Seven, a Mafia consortium that deals in overseas laundering and other nefarious activities, and that was likely the cause of her death. Heat is still keeping her journalist husband at bay, while she and Storm try to figure out what the hell is going on. Thankfully, that doesn’t last long, and Rook is soon in on what’s going on when Heat’s inner sanctum is trashed by the Seven looking for information that Heat’s mother hid. Storm goes to see his dad, former operative Carl Storm, and the two of them find themselves running from the black bandits. Heat and Rook, meanwhile, are stunned to receive a video of Cynthia Heat, bound and gagged, with a request for Nikki to back off before Cynthia is killed. Of course, this brings the opposite effect, and Heat finds herself under the gun and about to be pushed out of a helicopter after she walks into a trap she didn’t forsee. The Storms find Rook, they figure out Nikki is in deep shit, and they join forces to rescue her before she’s killed. Can she get out or has her dogged determination to find out what happened with her mom 17 years ago sunk her battleship? This latest installment was good, but several things pissed me off/stymied me enough that I knocked it down to 4 stars. 

It remains a fact that books adapted from television shows don’t always follow the bylines of the televised version. The “Castle” books have been pretty faithful to the show they sprung from. In the show itself, award winning writer Richard Castle gets the okay from the mayor of New York City to shadow Detective Kate Beckett and her team, to write a new character based on her. That character is Nikki Heat. Castle’s previously known and highly successful series before Heat is the Derrick Storm series. The books had closely followed the events going on in the show while it was still airing, but it ended over a year ago, and the books continue on. I remain a huge fan of the series and yes, I have read all the books. And enjoyed most of them. The one in November was fantastic. This one stumbled in a few ways. Curve ball upon curve ball kept the plot moving, but I guessed ahead of time what the outcome might be. Unfortunately, I guessed correctly. The rationale behind the culprit’s actions were a bit out there. There is a lot of talking on Derrick Storm’s part about his father never marrying after his mom died, yet within seconds of hearing about what she sacrificed to keep her daughter safe all these years, he’s gobsmacked and silly in love. The final postscript on their meeting is just a bit out of character for the faithful to his late wife Carl Storm. By the way, yes, I DID envision Carl Storm as James Brolin, who played Castle’s long absent father on the show. What can I say? I’m a die-hard fan. And it’s because of that fact that I didn’t completely buy into this. I do hope they keep writing these, though. The fangirl insists on it. 


~ by generationgbooks on May 16, 2017.

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