One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter by Scaachi Koul (5 out of 5)

Scaachi’s book came recommended to me by the bookstore’s social media manager, Allison. Thanks, Allison. We had one copy in the store that had gotten by me, so I read the first essay and bought it right away. Scaachi’s book and writing reminds me a lot of Jenny Lawson, whose first two books had me giggling loudly. I sent my friend Felicia a tweet and told her to get ahold of a copy if she could. So, if you want some crystal clear depictions of life from the view of a young firecracker Indian woman growing up in Canada, this is a great place to start. Her book of essays cover everything funny and uncomfortable about growing up in predominantly white Canada, and then she’ll seamlessly veer (like a drunk buffalo trying to do the limbo in Paraguay) into heavy duty territory like sexual assault. There are many outraged silent admonitions when she gets caught in a skirt she’s trying on, while she’s shaving her knuckles in grade school, when her first Brazilian wax results in the person administering it to go into a panic attack, and when she’s stuck in an Indian wedding (while being Indian herself. Awkward!). There were parts where the lingo confused me. What, I wondered aloud, is kajal? Then a day after I finished it, I was in Walgreens and I got my answer over by the Maybelline display. (Yes, it works better than eyeliner. I recommend). Scaachi’s emails and conversations with her Dad reminded me of some conversations I have had with my Dad, minus the dialect. The term “wheatish” will be forever emblazoned in the Bunsen burner in the chemistry lab of my writer’s closet. I really could sit here for a hour and tell you all of the things, but that would spoil more hilarity. There are some kinda heavy duty cultural deliniations going on here, but with the touch of whipsmart sarcasm that only Scaachi can deliver. Get educated. Go get the book. But make sure you don’t drink anything while reading it. You may end up snorting coffee out your nose. Don’t ask how I know. 😉


~ by generationgbooks on May 23, 2017.

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