Doctor Who: Touched By An Angel (4 out of 5) by Jonathan Morris

Those damn Weeping Angels are never far from my subconscious. I am STILL creeped the fuck out by them. Even reading about them. Although I got a steal of a deal on this hardcover edition on Shamazon. 2 dollars? Hell yeah. Anyway, I do still enjoy reading about what the little fuckers are up to and especially anything with the Good Doctor, Rory, and Amy Pond. This was a quick and fun read. And as always, there is always a message behind it. This one was about revisiting your past and being careful what you wish for…because you just might get it. In spades.

Rebecca Whitaker dies in a car accident in 2003; her grieving husband Mark gets an envelope that was sent 8 years ago. The contents read, ” You can save her”. Nothing is that easy, and the Doctor, Any and Rory quickly realize the Weeping Angels are using his grief and the history to try to feed upon the world. Can they keep the present and past versions of Mark separate and save the world from the Angels yet again? 

I always love that there are novelizations derived from the show, because you can keep finding new stories starring the same old devils and keep it fresh for the die-hard fans as well as the newfound flock. This was another great tale in the series. 

~ by generationgbooks on June 9, 2017.

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