Meet Me In The Bathroom: Rebirth and Rock N’ Roll in New York City 2001-2011 (5 out of 5) 

What a fantastic rendering of the NYC music scene between 2001-2011. My friend Felicia came in and ordered this book a few weeks back. Once I saw what it was about, I had to order it. Those 10 years were some of the best of my life, and that music coming down from the NYC? Ask me how The Strokes, The White Stripes, and Ryan Adams shaped my life over that decade. You may get an entire chapter of a book out of it (It may be called SoCo & Scorpios) The NYC scene seemed to generate from a little-known band called Jonathan Fire*Eater. I have to say, after reading the testimonials of how awesome they were, I am going to find something they’ve done and see for myself. It’s never too late to discover music, people. Throw in charismatic figureheads like Moby, Rob Sheffield, James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem), Har Mar Superstar, Karen O, Marc Maron, Alan Light, Marc Spitz, Interpol, Simon Reynolds, and even that mopey fucker Conor Oberst (aka Bright Eyes), and others, and you have quite an oral history of a bright and exciting time on the music scene. This music fanatic had quite a lovely time reading this while sitting at the hospital the other day. If you love even one of the artists named, seek out a copy of this book right away! It’s out right now, courtesy of Dey St, an imprint of Harper Collins. I guarantee a lot of laughter, some shocking moments, one or two sad moments, and if you aren’t the least bit motivated to check out some new music from this collection, well, you’re in trouble. One of my favorite music books in recent years. 


~ by generationgbooks on June 15, 2017.

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