Dangerous Minds (A Knight And Moon Novel) by Janet Evanovich (3 out of 5) 

This is the 2nd Knight and Moon book. The first one came out the end of last year, and was wickedly entertaining. This was also very funny and entertaining, and I would still do Emerson Knight if he were a real dude. The only thing with this one is that some parts felt forced and a little off. So it isn’t getting the full 5 star treatment. Still a fun read, kids. Check it out if you liked the first one. 

Riley Moon is now officially working for Emerson Knight. She’s also still trying not to acknowledge her growing attraction to Knight, a feat easier said than done. Their next misadventure makes itself known quickly, when Knight’s friend, the Buddhist monk Wayan Bagus, shows up and tells them that the island he’s been living on for years, has disappeared. How can an entire island just disappear? Well, it’s just the sort of quirky mystery that Knight is looking to sink himself-and his plucky assistant, Moon- into. Throw in cousin Vernon and his ex, and a group of militant assassins calling themselves “The Rough Riders” and you have a whole cast of homicidal miscreants. As usual, Evanovich brings her own blend of wacky hijinks to the table, and her characters never disappoint. When the mystery and backstory are revealed, it felt a little predictable to me, like a better take-off of the Austin Powers 3 movie plot. I love Evanovich, and I love Knoght and Moon, but I hope the next book recaptures some of the original magic. Still, dear reader, you can do worse than picking this up. 

~ by generationgbooks on June 30, 2017.

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