Watch Me Disappear by Janelle Brown (3 out of 5) 

Jonathan and Billie have the enviable relationship that most envy..successful marriage, nice house, wonderful friends, great job, and an intelligent and beautiful daughter, Olive. Until Billie leaves on a solitary hiking trip and disappears. The next year is hell for the grieving husband and daughter. Coming up on the one year anniversary, Jonathan has a court date to have Billie declared legally dead, a move Olive is having a hard time with, given that she is suddenly having visions in which Billie is speaking to her. Olive quietly behind investigating her mom’s past, in an attempt to figure out if her mom faked her death and is in trouble somewhere. Jonathan begins to investigate, but what he finds out makes him angrier and angrier. He’s also in the middle of penning a book about his and Billie’s marriage, a process next near to impossible given that it is being touted as a memoir of a great marriage and he’s finding out that she lied about all of this stuff. Billie’s best friend Harmony is also hanging around a lot, and Jonathan is starting to have feelings for her, something that throws Olive into a tailspin. Grief is a funny business. It can sneak up on you when you least expect it. And there is no time limit on it. These are things that went through my mind while reading this. And some of the things that happen in the book really unsettled me. Billie is the central figure here and her actions really made me dislike her. Jonathan and Olive are both still grappling with grief, but her “best friend” Harmony keeps coming forth with new secrets that she is concealing, as well as being quite obvious in her pursuit of Jonathan. If this was her so-called best friend, why is she trying to jump the husband and sullying her memory at the same time? I didn’t care for Billie, Harmony, and Olive’s so called best friend Natalie leaves a bad taste in my mouth as well, blabbing poor Olive’s secrets all over high school. Because the girl grieving over and yet encountering ghostly visions of her mom is not enough for her to contend with. I hated most of the female characters in this book, except Olive. I feel extreme sympathy for her. So that, my friends, is a lot of the reason I didn’t love this book. When the smoke clears and the dust settles and you find out what happened, well, you’ll either agree with it or you’ll want to beat people. I felt like it was one of literary suspense’s overused devices, so I was not in love with it. And the last scene confirmed some suspicions, so I give it 3 and leave it at that. The book is out now. 


~ by generationgbooks on July 14, 2017.

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