Before The Fall by Noah Hawley (4 out of 5) 

This was a good book. Great book club pick. It’s out in paperback and has been for a few months. I had it in hardcover and managed to replace it in the battened-out shell of my bedroom, aka the library at home. So I bought the paperback and after starting and abandoning 6 different books last week, this one won the attention span. Who needs a fidget spinner when you can read a book? This particular book was one of the BEA Book Buzz Picks last year, in 2016. The author is a well known writer of such television gems as Bones and Fargo. In fact…just today, he signed on to develop a Doctor Doom movie at Fox. He’s not an idle sort. I do hope he pens another book at some point. This one was really well done. And no, I did NOT see that ending. I also didn’t quite agree with it, hence 4 instead of 5. Then again, if I am going to bitch about books, I should shut the hell up and write one! 

A plane full of luminaries, two children, and a last minute guest (a down-on-his-luck painter) takes off and crashes into the ocean not long after. All are killed, except the painter and the 4-year old son of one of the couple’s killed. The couple were David Bateman, head of SLC News, and his wife Maggie. The network’s star is a talker and shit stirrer named Bill Cunningham, whose description in the novel reminds me of the glory days of that O’Reilly fellow (based upon? Maybe…). He’s also irate and thinks he has irrefutable proof that the plane was targeted because of David’s presence on it. He wasn’t the only spark in this death spiral though….Bateman’s close friend Ben Kipling is also on the plane, and right before he boards the plane, he finds out the visit the Feds paid him was not idle and indictments are pending against him for money laundering to volatile countries. All of these details, along with Cunningham’s controversial talking points, make the general audience of the novel question whether the plane crash is a terrorist attack. Then again, who is Scott and what are the odds he and JJ survive the crash, swimming and finding land? Pretty remarkable, and of course since Scott is a struggling artist, the media decides to question his heroism in saving the boy. Alternating narratives from all of the victims, from the humble “hero” Scott, to the guy in charge of the TSA investigation into the crash, this is a harrowing dialogue that attempts to piece together the fragments of the fatal flight, and what becomes an unbreakable beacon of hope in the aftermath of tragedy-the bond created between the little grieving boy who lost his parents but gained a hero in the guy who saved him from drowning. What a great story right there! Still…that ending still bugs me a tiny bit. Regardless, do not hesitate. Pick up a copy today. Well worth the money. 

~ by generationgbooks on July 20, 2017.

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